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Liu Kei-Wai
Liao Qi-Wei,  Liao Qiwei
Filmography (1947-1953)
  Actor (13 films)
    White Powder and Neon Lights (1947)    
    Perfect Couple (1947)    
    Happy Wedding (1947)    
    Black Market Couple (1947)    
    Pear Flower in the Storm (1947)    
    Not an Ill-fated Lady (1947)    
    The Colourful Butterfly (Part 2) (1948)    
    Show off Your Beauty (1948)    
    A Strong Wind Banished the Swallow (1948)    
    A Fair Lady by the Blue Lagoon (1949) ... Engineer
    Two Women After One Man (1949)    
    The Playful Lovers (1949)    
    Revenge of Beggar Named Su (1953)