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Yan Yujing
Yan Yu-Jing,  Yim Yu-King
Filmography (1997-2015)
  Producer (7 films)
    Be There or Be Square (1998)    
    A Young Prisoner's Revenge (2001)    
    The Marriage Certificate (2001)    
    Cell Phone (2003)    
    Happy New Year (2007)    
    The Good Luck Is High to Shine On (2008)    
    Unmissable (2015)    
  Senior Producer (1 film)
    A World Without Thieves (2004)    
  Planning (7 films)
    The Dream Factory (1997)    
    Going to School with Father on My Back (1998)    
    A Time to Remember (1998)    
    Sorry, Baby (1999)    
    Far from Home (2002)    
    Gone Is the One Who Held Me the Dearest in the World (2002)    
    Sky Lovers (2002)