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陳寶儀  ♀
Chan Bo-Yee
Chen Bao-Yi,  Chen Baoyi

Filmography (1963-2001)
  Actor (12 films)
    Poor Lady Ping (1963)    
    The Conquering Sword (1963)    
    Murder of a Woman (1964)    
    A Secluded Orchid (1964)    
    The Dutiful Daughter Chu Chu (1966)    
    Return of Lady Bond (1966)    
    Teenage Love (1968) ... Girl dancing at orphanage
    Love with a Malaysian Girl (1969) ... Ting Ka-Ling, younger sister
    Twins (1981)    
    The Fugitives (1991)    
    The Wild Couple (1996)    
    The Avenging Fist (2001)    
  Connie Chan Po-Chu's 'sister', adopted by her parents Chan Fai-Lung and Gung Fan Hung.