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釋小龍  ♂
Sik Siu-Lung
Xiaolung,  Tommy Sik,  Shi Xiao-Lung,  Shi Xiao-Long ,  Shi Shao-Long,  Shieh Shiao-Long,  Xi Xiao-Long,  Sik Siu-Loong,  Ashton Chen Xiao-Long,  S. L. Sik
Born: January 6th, 1988 (Zhengzhou, China)

Filmography (1994-2022)
  Actor (35 films)
    Shaolin Popey (1994) ... Li Lin Kit
    Shaolin Popey II Messy Temple (1994)    
    China Dragon (1995) ... Shen Shiao Long
    The Saint of Gamblers (1995) ... Siu Lung
    Super Mischieves (1995) ... Long
    Ten Brothers (1995) ... Powerful Three
    Dragon in Shaolin (1996) ... Siu-Lone/Monk Nan
    Adventurous Treasure Island (1996) ... Siu-lone
    Chivalrous Legend (1997) ... Young Tin Den
    Heavenly Legend (1999) ... Na Cha
    The Marvellous Cook (2000)    
    Chinese Heroes (2001) ... Big Fook (No.One Fortune)
    Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! (2002) ... Bruce Chan
    Undiscovered Tomb (2002) ... The Kid
    Kung Fu Cooker (2002) ... Bruce
    Fatal Comic (2002) ... Tian Xing / Sky Walker [2 Roles]
    Black Mask Vs. Gambling Mastermind (2002) ... John Ko
    The Recreant Teenager (2002) ... Li Shan
    Teenage Gambler (2002) ... Gao Jun
    Kung Fu in Japan (2002)    
    Iron Lion (2003)    
    Shaolin Gang (2004)    
    Gun Mystery (2009)    
    Ip Man 2 (2010) ... Tsui Sai-Cheong, Ip Man's student
    Ocean Heaven (2010)    
    Legend of the Swordsman (2010)    
    Rhythm of the Rain (2013) ... Yile
    Urban Games (2014)    
    The Missing (2015)    
    The Gutian Conference (2016) ... Lin Wenhui
    The Founding of an Army (2017)    
    Chinese Doctors (2021) ... Head of power division
    The Pioneer (2021) ... Lu Ming
    Demon Hunter (2021) ... Yan Chixia
    The Medal of the Dawn (2022)    
  Action Director (1 film)
    The Missing (2015)    
  Chen Xiaolong was born in Henan, China. As a child, he became a disciple at the Shaolin Temple. It was there he adopted the name "Shi Xiaolong" (Sik Siu-Lung in Cantonese). Began as a child actor working for directors like Kevin Chu and Wong Jing.

In 2005, Siu-Lung temporarily retired from the film industry to concentrate on school. He moved to New York City, where he attended the Professional Children's School. Upon graduating in 2008, he adapted an English name, Ashton Chen. He has returned to China to makes movies and appear in television under his stage name of Shi Xiaolong.