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沈依  ♀
Shen Yi

Princess Iron Fan (1966)

Sweet and Wild (1966)
Shen Yi
The King with My Face (1967)

The Midnight Murder (1967)

Inter-Pol (1967)

Song of Tomorrow (1967)

Killer Darts (1968)

Gun Brothers (1968)

Divorce, Hong Kong Style (1968)

The Angel Strikes Again (1968)

Swordswomen Three (1970)

Golden Sword and the Blind Swordswoman (1970)

A Story of "Lou Bo-Wen" (1971)

Chivalrous Robber Lee San (1972)

Girls in the Tiger Cage (1975)

Kissed by the Wolves (1975)

Revenge in the Tiger Cage (1976)