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白雪仙  ♀
Pak Suet-Sin

Pak Suet Sin<br>Third Master Sha (1951)
Third-master Sha (1951)

Back Stage Lovers (1952)

The Twelve Beauties (1952)

Frolicking with a Pretty Maid in the Wineshop (1952)
Pak Suet Sin<br>Lovely Dweller of Enchanting Tower (1952)
Lovely Dweller of Enchanting Tower (1952)
Pak Suet Sin<br>Lovesick (1952)
Lovesick (1952)

The Rendezvous (1953)

A Beggar's Life for Me (1953)
Pak Suet-Sin<br>Money Talks (1953)
Money Talks (1953)
Pak Suet Sin<br>If Only We'd Met When I Was Single (1955)
If Only We'd Met When I Was Single (1955)
Pak Suet Sin<br>Silvery Moon (1955)
Silvery Moon (1955)

As Luck Will Have It (1955)
Pak Suet Sin<br>Mrs. Chen's Boat Chase (1955)
Mrs. Chen's Boat Chase (1955)
Pak Suet Sin<br>Strange Tale at Midnight (1955)
Strange Tale at Midnight (1955)

A Hymn to Mother (1956)

Xi Shi, the Eternal Beauty (1960)