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十八羅漢拳 (1978)
Eighteen Fatal Strikes
Alias: 18 Deadly Strikes
Alias: 18 Fatal Strikes
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Yang Ching-Chen
  Hsieh Mo-Hung
  Liu Sung-Pai
Martial Arts Directors
  Yuen Cheung-Yan
  Stephen Tung Wai
  Wong Cheuk-Hon
  Chan Hsi-Fan
  Chou Ta-Lai
original movie poster
  Stephen Tung Wai ... Hsiao Tung
  Dean Shek Tin ... Tai Pan
  Wen Chiang-Long ... Abbot Wen Hung
  Sze-Ma Lung ... Wong Wu Ti/Shaking Eagle
  Shen Hai-Rong ... Cheng Chang
  Shih Chung-Tien ... Ma Tu Lung
  Kwan Hung ... Wong Wu Ti's henchman
  Shih Ting-Ken ... Wong Wu Ti's henchman
  Wang Kai ... Wong Wu Ti's henchman
  Chang Shu-Lin ... Wong Wu Ti's spy
  Ou Li-Bao ... Waiter
  Hui Man-Yui    
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (2)    
  Hak Lung ... Wong Wu Ti's henchman
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (15) ... [Extra]
  Ko Chang-Sheng ... [Extra]
  Chang Hung-Chi ... [Extra]
  Clement Yeh Chao-Hsu ... [Extra]
  Chen Hsiang ... [Extra]
  Chang Chung-Yu ... [Extra]
  Chen Liang-Hsieh ... [Extra]
Assistant Director
  Kwan Hung
  Chang Shih-Chun
  Kwok Ting-Hung
Sound Recordist
  Wang Yong-Fang
  Huang Mao-Shan
Production Manager
  Chou Tsai-Te   But Juen-Fu
Filming Location
  A monk on the run from a Manchu warlord is rescued by two brothers who nurse him back to health. After the warlord brings death and mayhem into the brother's lives, the monk teaches them the Lo Han fist style and they, along with the monk, seek revenge.