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香港姦殺奇案 (1992)
Suburb Murder
Alias: 迷途與懲罰
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Adult  Crime 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Jeng Kin-Ping
  Lau Siu-Kwan (1)
  Lam King-Kong ... Ching Yau Kang
  Ng Kin-Biu    
  Ng Shui-Ting ... Chi
  Ga Ling (3) ... Kang's mother
  Yip Yuk-Ping    
  Ku Feng ... Kang's father
  Hung Fung (1) ... Kang's boss
  Lily Lee Lee-Lee ... Jogger who finds body [cameo]
  Lau Siu-Kwan (1)    
  Chung Bik-Wing ... Kitty
  Chan On-Ying    
  Teddy Lin Wai-Kin ... Officer Kung
  Roderick Lam Chung-Kei ... Niu
  Robert Kenne    
  Melanie King ... Tracy
  Yeung Wai-Wai    
  Lee Chi-Kwan    
  Law Chung-Ho    
  Leung Kai-Chi ... Grandfather jogger [cameo]
  Yeung Tak-Shut    
  Ho Bik-Sang    
  Wong Bo-Lung    
  Wong Yun-Ching    
  Ho Wing-Cheung (1) ... [Extra]
  Yeung Kin-Wai    
  Tsui Kwan    
  Lui Siu-Ming    
  Alric Ma Siu-Mang    
  Lau Chi-Ming ... [Extra]
  Wong Wai-Shun ... [Extra]
Assistant Director
  Tang Kei-Hung
Script Supervisor
  Chui Leung (2)
  Chan Chuen-Lai
  Mok Wai-Keung
Costume Designer
  Siu Siu
  Tsang Ming-Fai
  Cheng Keung
  Gu Ming
Executive Producer
  Ng Kin-Biu
Production Manager
  Lam Chiu-Ling
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  A mutilated nude body is found by a couple of joggers and a rascal, Kang, is chief suspect. Most of the film covers his life story in flashback, and the events which supposedly backgrouded his motives. Young Kang wagged school with friend Chi, and got offside with both his parents. With Dad, for wagging school, and with Mum for being instrumental in Dad catching her in bed with another. Both parents slap him while the fight. Mum leaves, and Dad sends Kang to boarding school. Things improve a little when he reaches 16. He's reunited with Chi, just back from the US. He invites Chi to stay, and they walk in on an apparently ordinary scene in Kang's lodgings, an orgy where his four gang mates are playing blind man's buff in the buff with two girls ! Also, a previous scene shows the gang to have committed a gang bang and attack on an innocent couple. Kang also meets a lovely and good girl, Kitty, and he woos her. One night, on her birthday, Kitty, Kang and Chi are drunk and going home, when two gwailos attack. Chi and Kitty both die, and Kang develops a hatred for gwailos. But, really, it seems all of society is against him. Almost everyone slaps him. The only ones who don't have just been killed. So, when the gang decide to attack/rape a gwailo couple, what might Kang do ?