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師姐撞邪 (1986)
The Haunted Madam
Alias: 女警撞邪
Alias: The Black Heart Evil
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Horror  Ghost  Action 
Theatrical Run (HK): 10/30/1986 - 11/05/1986
Box Office: HK $1,264,122
  Tony Lou Chun-Ku
  Chan Man-Kwai
Martial Arts Director
  Lau Hok-Nin
  Jason Pai Piao ... Killer Sha Yan Wong
  Siu Yuk-Lung ... Inspector Bak Fei Hung
  Man Gwan ... Siu Gwan [title char]
  Lee Kyeong-Shil ... Miss Lee
  Lo Wing ... Lo Ling
  Leung Aan-Ling ... Miss Leung
  Hsu Hsia ... Cho
  Tony Lou Chun-Ku ... Gang boss
  Max Lee Chiu-Chun ... Blind fortune teller
  Chan Lau (2) ... Gang boss
  Yue Tau-Wan ... Nutty
  Lau Hok-Nin ... Bodyguard
  Chui Fat ... Bodyguard
  Chan Ming-Wai ... Bodyguard
  Chu Tau ... Bodyguard
  Wong Wai-Fong ... Taoist
  Yan Kin-Wai ... Taoist
  Choi Hin-Cheung ... Taoist
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (2) ... Policeman
  Yat Boon-Chai ... Policeman
  Chu Kong ... Policeman [extra]
  Cheung Wing-Hon ... Policeman [extra]
  Chow Biu (4) ... Policeman [extra]
  Poon Cheung ... Policeman [extra]
  Wong Chi-Keung (3) ... Policeman [extra]
Filming Company
  Picture One Films Ltd.
  D & B Film Distribution (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Chan Lau (2)
  Wong Chit
  Yu Ma-Chiu
  So Jan-Hau
  David Y. M. Lam
  Wong Hei-Wan (2)
Production Manager
  David Yeung Gai-Yim
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Super-accurate fortune teller Blind Chen informs four young policewomen that the same man, whom they'll soon meet, will incite her to suicide (first woman), rape her (second woman), break her head (third) and kill her (fourth). This man turns out to be their new boss, Inspector Bak Fei Hung. The reason these things are to happen is due to the angry spirit of a former Red Guard muscleman who has sworn revenge against some HK gang bosses and, unfortunately, Bak and his new recruits get in his way.