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昨日的記憶 (2012)
When Yesterday Comes
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Drama 
Release Date (Taiwan): 03/02/2012
  Chen Sin-Ging
  Shen Ko-Shang
  Chiang Hsiu-Chiung
  Ho Wi-Ding
  Chiang Hsiu-Chiung
  Chen Sin-Ging
  Ho Wi-Ding
  Shen Ko-Shang
  Lou Yi-An
  Luk Tsz-Yan
  Chang Chen ... 1)
  Sonia Sui Tang ... 1)
  Tan Ai-Chen ... 2)
  Ku Pao-Ming ... 2)
  Christine Ke Huan-Ju ... 2)
  Ting Chiang ... 3)
  Ma Chi-Chun ... 3)
  Lee Lieh ... 4)
  Amber Kuo Tsai-Chieh ... 4)
  Kuo Shang-Jie ... 4)
Production Company
  7th Day Film
  Chris Hou Chih-Chien
  Following the success of The Long Goodbye, the Taiwan Catholic Foundation of Alzheimer𠏋 Disease and Related Dementia has embarked on a second documentary film dealing with the plight of elderly people suffering from conditions like Alzheimer𠏋 and other degenerative disorders resulting in memory loss. When Yesterday Comes takes the route of a compendium of four shorts by different directors.