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地獄新娘 (1965)
Bride in Hell
Alias: Bride from Hell
Alias: The Bride Who Has Returned from Hell
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Hokkien 
Genres: Mystery  Drama 
Release Date (Taiwan): 09/08/1965
  Hsin Chi
  Chang Yuan-Fu
  Weng Chong-Kun
  Hsu Chiu-Mei
  Chin Mei ... Bai Rui-Mei
  Ko Chun-Hsiung ... Wang Yi-Ming
  Ou Wei ... Gao Yu-Xuan
  Liu Ching (4) ... Gao Feng-Jiao
  Ting Hsiang ... Chun Yu
  Yang Yueh-Fan ... Housekeeper Mrs. Liu
  Tai Pei-Shan ... Ah Lan
  Hsiao Hui ... Wang Shu-Yu
  Chou Yu ... Ai-Tzu, Jin Shan's girl
  Hsu Yu ... Maid Zou-Di
  Chin Tu ... Tu Jin-Shan
  Wang Man-Chiao ... Teacher Mrs. Zhan
  Kuo Yeh-Jen ... Lian Jia-Wen
  Tian Ming ... Detective
  Ko Yu-Min ... Shop owner
  Chen Hsiao-Pi ... Gardener Hsu Tung
  Ling Yu (3) ... Girl
Production Company
  Yongda Film Company, Ltd.
  Yongda Film Company, Ltd. (Taiwan)
  Hung Ching-Yun   Lin Tsan-Ting
  Shen Yeh-Kang
Sound Recordist
  Lin Kun-Chi
  Yang San-Lang
Executive Producer
  Tai Chuan-Li
Production Manager
  Weng Chong-Kun   Hsu Chiu-Mei
Filming Location
  The movie opens with a boat accident. A male body is discovered. While a woman's purse is also left at the scene, no female body is found. Entrepreneur Wang Yiming (Ke Junxiong) is led to believe that his wife eloped with her lover and was drowned at sea. Feeling hurt and humiliated, Yiming is unable to show affection toward his daughter, Shuyuan (Xiao Hui), and subsequently gains a reputation as an uninterested father, ill-tempered master and irresponsible playboy. Yiming employs Bai Ruimei (Jin Mei) to be a private tutor to Shuyuan. There is another young girl in Wang's household, A-Lan (Dai Peishan), who is the granddaughter of Yiming's employee, Manageress Liu (Yue Fan). Ruimei takes both girls under her wing. As it turns out, Ruimei is Yiming's sister-in-law. She has come to Taiwan from Singapore to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her sister. The Bride Who Has Returned from Hell was meant to be a star vehicle for Dai's daughter who played the role of A-Lan in the film. According to the director, Xin Qi, while most Taiwanese-language movies would finish shooting after ten or fifteen days, Dai allowed him twenty-six days to work on this particular project to maximize the quality of the film. Moreover, special treatment was designed to emphasize the importance of A-Lan's character. For example, when A-Lan first appears, she sneaks around, creeps behind the wall and bushes and moves between light and shadow, which creates a striking and mysterious impression for both the character and the film