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一剪梅 (1931)
A Spray of Plum Blossoms
Alias: A Spary of Plum Blossoms
Origin: China
Language: No Spoken Language 
Genre: Romance 
  Bu Wan-Cang
  Wong Yi-Tso
  Luo Ming-You
  Lily Yuen Ling-Yuk ... Julia
  Lin Chu-Chu ... Silvia
  Gao Zhan-Fei ... Thurio
  Wong Chi-Lung (1) ... Proteus
  Chen Yan-Yan (1) ... Lucetta
  Jin Yan (1) ... Valentine
  Liu Chi-Chuen ... Fatty Chu
  Wang Gui-Lin ... General Sze
  Lily Chow Lee-Lee ... Lady-in-waiting
  Sze Ko-Fei ... Lee Yi
  Huang Shao-Fen
  S. F. Lao
  F. L. Chao
Unit Production Manager
  Lai Man-Wai (1)
English Subtitles
  Wong Tin-Chi
Chinese Subtitles
  Wong Tin-Chi
  Based on Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen Of Verona --- True-hearted Valentine and his skirt-chasing pal Proteus (dubbed "The Perfume General", after a famous literary character) are in the army. On a visit home, Proteus woos Julia, Valentine's pretty and vain sister. Meantime, Valentine is much taken with Silvia, Proteus' tomboy cousin. For political reasons, Proteus' uncle (who is also their commanding officer, General Sze) presses Silvia to marry Thurio. To further this plan, the general frames Valentine in a trumped-up court-martial. As a result, Valentine becomes a Robin Hood figure, leading a band of righteous bandits. --- Silent movie with Chinese and English intertitles.