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賭神之神 (2002)
Return from the Other World

Reviewed by: AkiraRus
Date: 07/17/2004

Not too bad movie to look at (Nadia Chan and Guk Fung are great), but thin plot and very tiresome morale makes it hard to watch. I have nothing against movies about religion, but they have to be smart - "Return from the Other World" is just simplistic. I will never believe that for escaping from devil one just has to say: "Jesus, save me". Yeah, right, we all saw "Exorcist".
In addition, I didn't like that main storyline has many similarities with "Devil's Advocate" - it's not a good movie so stop copying it! :)

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/27/2003
Summary: Pretty good

When i watched this, i am PRETTY SURE it has another name to it. It has the same actors in it, it's about gambling so maybe the other title for this movie, unless this is the wrong english name is


That is the english title i saw this movie (i am quite sure this is the movie) but i don't think this is a SAINt Of GAMBLER MOVIE.

This is a serious movie, about the lows and highs of gambling. Dave WAng though is almost like a wooden plank when it comes to his acting but everyone else does well, especially Waise Lee who plays his benefactor.

Do not expect comedy here. It's more like A GAMBLERS STORY than a Saint of Gamblers movie. unless i got the wrong movie..........


Reviewed by: magic-8
Date: 06/25/2002
Summary: Stuck in Purgatory

"Return From the Other World" is the Asian version of mortal man being tempted by the devil. The plot is basically Faustian in nature. Dave Wong yearns to be the God of Gamblers, and is recruited by Waise Lee, playing the devil. The film's structure is very basic with Wong's gambling addiction ruining his family life. His wife, played by Nadia Chan, turns to the pastor of the local church for aid. The film progresses awkwardly by trying to present Christianity in the most simplistic terms, while it tells of stories attributed to scripture that actually belong to Greek mythology, such as the tale of Sisyphus (where Sisyphus rolls a rock up a hill in Hades, only to have the rock tumble back down to the base of the hill, time and time again). It doesn't take a theologian to guess what happens.

The gambling scenes are rather dull and lifeless because they are predictable. Wong Jing has nothing to worry about here. Dave Wong does a passable job as the obsessive gambler, but his take as a born again Christian is milquetoast (Wong goes from compulsive-neurotic to warm and fuzzy). Nadia Chan, as his wife, has got to be the worst kisser on screen. She doesn't even purse her lips to kiss Wong. "Return From the Other World" has a script that is grounded in generalities, more like the screenwriter, Yuen Siu Na, had read the crib notes version of the Bible. Jesus is mentioned only as a means of saving Wong's protégé as they are being sucked into Hell. No biblical or religious background exposition is used at all. Either you know God or you don't, it seems, and that prayer will save you. "Return From the Other World" would have worked better if director Henry Poon had stuck to a Faust-like tale instead of proselytizing the audience. Unfortunately, neither the churchgoers nor the laity will enjoy this pretentious pap that espouses discount store, cut-rate, religious beliefs.