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醉蛇小子 (1980)
Bruce - King of Kung Fu

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/13/2002
Summary: A mess of masters

The story appears to have been written as they filmed. Bruce starts with Master Yeh doing Wing Chun. He then is challenged by a blind fortune teller, another master then, for no apparent reason, takes up with a snake fist master instead. The main villain, an unnamed master (another one !), takes nearly an hour to appear, and is Bruce's opponent in the climactic battle.

There's quite a lot of fu, of no particular distinction, except for occasional interesting moves by the masters and, surprisingly, some impressive moves in an early performance by Chan Kwok Keung.

In a scene which has no apparent connection with anything else, a hooker shows her boobs to Bruce through barred windows before a fight. This is the only nudity here.

Not too bad if you're bored.

Reviewer Score: 3