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天庭外傳 (1999)
Heavenly Legend

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 05/26/2007
Summary: Sun Wu-Kong meets Na Cha!

Well, actually they already met in "Havoc in Heaven" (1964). Lin Chih-Yin plays Monkey King, Shieh Shiao-Long plays Ne Zha and Hau Shao-Yen plays Little Pig, and they must join forces to rescue Lady Dragon (Vivian Hsu), Dragon King's daughter, in this movie for kids. Lin and Shieh are fantatic in their roles but, as always, Hau spoils several scenes with his Stanislawski Method. Gags in this movie (the first hour) are very clumsy but nice cheap sets, muppets and CG F/X and of course wire action scenes raise the entertainment. The last half-hour is plenty of inspired martial combats for kids. This seems Chen Chi-Hwa's last movie. :(

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 12/15/2001
Summary: Need to be in the mood to fully appreciate!

HEAVENLY LEGEND (1999) - Seems to be a children's movie, based loosely on the Monkey King legend, but set before he was sent to languish under a mountain for 500 years. The movie mainly focuses on two kids, a young Piggie (played by a fat kid with quite good makeup and a deadly fart weapon) and a young martial art master whose identity I didn't quite recognise. They get caught up in the affairs of The Dragon Princess Of The West Sea who rebels against her father by refusing to marry the Dragon Prince of The East Sea (or something like that!), and along with the Monkey King they have to fight various "fairies" (immortals) to ensure that justice is done. The movie is a hallucinogenic mixture of special effects, wire fu and terrible humour (aimed at young kids, who probably would be amused). At first I was just like "Oh dear, what have I bought?", but as I got into the spirit of the thing I ended up finding it a lot of fun! It's quite stupid and feels like a Children's TV production, but does actually have some nice and effects and creative wirework sequences. The story is kind of engaging too, though I probably shouldn't admit it! The acting of the young kids is absolutely dreadful, though the martial arts kid actually has very good kung fu... happily holding his own in spear fights against the grown ups, and showing some real knowledge of the forms. I'm unsure whether to recommend the movie or not... if you're in the mood for something different and goofy fun, (or you've taken the right kind of drugs perhaps), then maybe you'll enjoy it too :D.