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飛越陰陽界 (1989)
Spirit Love

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 11/24/2001
Summary: So-so Joey Ghost tale

Joey has yet another go at playing a lovely ghost. Fine by me, as I just love her in this sort of role. She gets the glamour treatment, and photographs of her used in this film are some of her best.

The story is, to put it mildly, implausible, even if one accepts that people who die can come back as ghosts. However, to reveal anything about the story's two major plot weaknesses would constitute major spoilers. All I can say is that one weakness relates to the manner of Ginny's death and its consequences, and these take up most of the screen time, and the other is the ending, which is perhaps the best-known and most maligned film cliche of all time.

Leaving aside these weaknesses is not too difficult while you're watching the film, but they left me rather annoyed upon reflection afterwards.

The support cast are not well-known, though as far as I can gather, they are experienced Taiwanese actors who know their stuff, especially the old woman who plays the mother of the hapless double.

There's some fairly gruesome stuff here, though it's mainly conceptual rather than visual. For instance, dealing with feeding Ginny's ashes to the double-girl (also played by Joey, of course) without her knowledge could well put you off your dinner.

Overall, pretty enjoyable and even dramatic at times, but not very deep. However, I defy any film fan not to groan at the ending.

Reviewer Score: 6