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蘋果咬一口 (2001)
Expect a Miracle

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/31/2008
Summary: This movie was made in 2001? i though it was made in the 1980's

Maybe it was the quality of the movie that made me believe it was made in the 1980's anyway.............

Maybe i wasnt paying too much attention to the movie but i thought that Joey Yung was a student until i figure out two thirds into it she was a teacher!!

I thought Joey Yung's housemate WAS the same guy as the photographer, but they are two seperate people!! I am chinese so i am not racist when i say they looked the same to me!!

BAck to the movie. The movie starts off with APPLES, there are many types, love is like a apple,you have to take a bite to find out that the inside of the apple counts, not just the outside!!

Joey yung is a subsitute teacher who has a internet she has never met. She has some part time modelling work but she has a falling out with the photographer who she seems to keep bumping into each other, with neither of them knowing they are actually each others internet friends!!

There are some other sub stories about the other students.

I didnt know how to take this movie, i thought it was going to be a romantic comedy, but at times it switches to serious drama (like a student wanting to suicide at school) to enjoyable fluff to over the top love story. A few songs are added in for good effect. Unfortauntely there are barely any laughs.

I found it too unrealisitic, Jeoy Yung changes from a bubble girl to a serious teacher figure doesnt work. The other minor characters dont have enough screen time for the audience to care for them, thus the sub stores are weak.

Funny enough, i did enjoy watching this but its not something i would watch again. Joey yung seems so bubbily its hard not to like her. Daniel chan does little but he doesnt have to do much.

Maybe couples may enjoy this movie more, worth a once viewing but dont expect too much, like a miracle.......

Reviewer Score: 6