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甘聯珠 (1976)
Heroine Kan Lien Chu

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/30/2003
Summary: Muddled but enjoyable

This film could be several different movies all blended together. It starts with the three swordsmen, who aren't much brighter than the three stooges. Chia Ling joins them briefly, then disappears. About 20 minutes in, Polly's part finally starts properly (she appears briefly at about the 12 minute mark). Things move to a melodramatic tone until the halfway mark, when things turn to wild comedy, before settling down to the long and fairly grave action finale.

The first half looks like it was intended to be about explanation and plot development, but it's not very successful. But the second half is well worth the wait. There's a hilarious action sequence a little after the half-way mark, and things are great fun from that point on.

Chia Ling, despite getting second billing, is really just a guest star, popping in and out more or less at random. But she does look great flouncing around in that red cape.

And, though Polly is nominally the star, she is really just one of an ensemble cast, in common with a number of her other films.

If this review seems jumbled, it is because it reflects the film itself. Confuisng but still warmly recommended.

Reviewer Score: 7