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上海社會檔案 (1981)
On the Society File of Shanghai

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 09/22/2006
Summary: A very well acted Luk Siu Fung movie.

Ocean Shores released the original VCD version of this movie which i have not seen, but I have seen an edited version of the movie titled "Ninja Brothers of Blood," one of those IFD mix and match movies which edited Luk Siu Fung movies into it's late 80's ninja footage. From what I could tell, from viewing the footage of this movie they edited in "ninja Brothers of Blood," this is a decent drama with Luk Siu Fan in her beautiful prime(before she really butched up in the mid 80's) who gets tricked into a relationship by a decent mannered, but over ambitious man, who leaves with the daughter of a rich businessman. Luk finds out and really bitches about it, but submits herself to her boyfriend, never wanting to leave him. The boyfriend wants to break up with Luk, but the persistant Luk doesn't make that happen. So, the boyfriend contemplates murdering her. He talks Luk into a lie, saying he loves her and wants to leave the other woman he loves, and they take a vacation to a resort and attempts to drown Luk in a lake. Luk survives while the boyfriend thinks she's dead, while he plans a marriage with the daughter of the rich businessman. During her boyfriend's wedding to the daughter, Luk stabs her boyfriend to death and stabs herself to death. This is a very well acted movie. Luk really let it all out in this one. She looks beautiful here, much different than her chubby appearance and bitter face expression in later work in HK movies. The most successful element of this movie are the beautiful orchestral stock scores, which may have been edited into the IFD version, as they sound quite modern and may not have been used in the original version. The Ocean Shores VCD must have more character development, and is a much more complete and dramatic movie when compared to the IFD edit. 3/5 for the Luk Siu Fan footage from "Ninja Brothers of Blood."