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摧花狂魔 (1993)
Bloody Mary Killer

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/27/2005

Someone please make the pain stop. Why I end up watching this trash I'll never know, but Godfrey Ho's movies are so horrible, it becomes a sick complusion to finish watching one once you've started, much like viewing accident footage -- you know you shouldn't be watching, but you do so anyway. Bloody Mary Killer is no exception; it's a pretty piss-poor movie in every way, but somehow it manages to hold your attention, like a really beautiful woman with a missing tooth.

The film (which just happens to use a lot of the same cast and crew from Ho's previous piece of junk, Honor and Glory -- they probably shot this piece of crap during lunch breaks on that set) has a very evil martial arts fighter called Stingray (played by Don Niam; you know he's evil because he has red streaks in his Joey Buttafuco-esque mullet) who beats his wife one too many times, so she leaves him. This pisses mulletboy off and he sets off for revenge, killing off any woman he sees that looks like the ex. It just so happens that every woman is accompanied by a top martial artist, and so the world's dumbest cop (John Miller) and his ambiguously gay sidekick (Gerald Klein) begin interviewing underground fighters. They, of course, eventually come across our girl Cynthia (who doesn't look good at all in this movie, despite some strange hairstyle changes that occur in seemingly every scene). She doesn't want to help until her sister is killed by the mullet maniac, and then it's ass-whoopin' time.

Bloody Mary Killer is good for a few (unintentional) chuckles, but that's about it. The film looks like it was shot in exchange for a White Castle "Crave Case" (about $15 if you're keeping track at home). The acting is some of the worst -- and I mean the worst -- I have seen outside of an Andy Warhol movie. Hopefully, someone revoked John Miller's SAG card after this film, or at least gave him a swift kick to the groin. He makes Michael Wong look like Robert f'n DeNiro. And as for the action? Don't get me started. This junk makes "Walker, Texas Ranger" look fast-paced by comparison. The most fun thing about watching the action scenes is seeing when Cynthia is doubled by some guy in a wig.

I really can't recommend Bloody Mary Killer at all, except as late-night cable insomnia fodder. Even after a few beers, it was still painful to watch. I had a decent time making fun of the movie, but that can only go so far. When it comes down to it, this is just a bad film. Bloody Mary Killer is a good reminder as to why Godfrey Ho should never make a movie again, if only to spare future generations the torture of sitting through this kind of rubbish.

Note: as per his usual m.o., Godfrey Ho re-edited the footage and released the movie in the US as "Undefeatable". Some footage was also recycled into other Ho garbage like "Angel the Kickboxer", which does feature Yukari Oshima...

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Reviewed by: ksbutterbox
Date: 02/12/2002
Summary: Gorey,Dumb, but....

I thought this had Yukari Oshima in it ..that's why I bought it. Tai Seng and others need to get the facts straight. There's is no Yukari at all! So that mad me angry when I first watched this trash 2 years ago. However, after seeing all the numerous HK movies I own, I finally decided to watch this 1 more time.It's gorey,dumb,but the hand to hand combat is somewhat noteworthy. Its story is that of Cynthia Rothrock trying to put her sister through college by waiting on tables by day and fighting for money.The sister is killed by the eye gouging kickboxer/rapist maniac and Cynthia is out for revenge. B to C grade direction and definitely flawed like some of Oshima's later work..Watch this only if you like Rothrock and hand to hand with limited wire-work.