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大明英烈 (1975)
Heroes in the Late Ming Dynasty

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/04/2006
Summary: Enjoyable despite not much fighting

What action there is is of a high standard, mainly swordplay with some fu thrown in and around. There is considerable fu talent here, and it is out to effective use. The story is involving and well-developed, and even though the pace is slow at times, never flags.

One problem here is similar-looking actors. Given the large cast being introduced at a bewildering pace at the beginning, it took some time to distinguish between Barry Chan and the two Tiens, who could eaily pass for twins. Even that the two Tiens are on opposite sides didn't help. All part of the enjoyable confusion.

Polly is, as usual, a treat to watch. Her character employs a few neat tricks, such as the ability to toss a scabard high in the air and fall neatly to cover her help up sword, and the ability to flip a pair of chopsticks from one table to another at incredible accuracy.

Overall, very entertaining.

Reviewer Score: 6