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寒山飛狐 (1982)
Jade Dagger Ninja

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 05/18/2009
Summary: More Roc Tien wuxia with inferior results...

Jade Dagger Ninja (most likely not the original title) is a decent wuxia tale, but gets bogged down in a multitude of characters and plot holes. Roc Tien once again takes the lead role of a righteous swordsman, this time on the hunt for the man that murdered his wife many years ago. Roc has played this role a multitude of times, so there is no stretch here. The wuxia elements are done fairly well, with lots of people and weapons flying every which way. Once again though (similar to another Roc Tien movie, The Silver Spear), this feels like a severely edited version of a much more intricate story. There are scenes that look to have important characters that have no other place in the story, like the two travelers that are murdered along the road to open the movie. I'm left again wondering what scenes were cut out and how they could have made the movie better if they didn't feel the need to edit everything into a 90 minute chunk. The one refreshing character in the story is the sexually-starved assassin played by the amazingly beautiful Chin Meng. She adds a fair amount of humor to the proceedings and is sorely missed when not on screen. Chung Wa is an seemingly-emotionless killer until he is reunited with his former lover and immediately turns into a weeping sad-sack. His is another character that appears to be woefully underdeveloped. The final scene with what seems to be a hulk-inspired Kam Kong roaring and tearing people limb from limb is a little too late to rescue the movie that is already on life-support.


Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 11/27/2003

The name of the title has nothing to do with the film. There are no Ninjas or any Jade Daggers. This flick is your typical late 70’s, early 80’s Taiwanese production with high flying fighters, cheapo sets, goofy comedy, and crazy storyline. In the English dubbed version, there are some funny lines such as when the Flying Fox (Tien Peng) finishes beating up on a group of men called the “4 kings” he later adds fuel to the fire by saying..”4 kings??, You 4 kings are no 4-king good! (f*cking good)”. The story is all over the place, but basically the flick is about some Purple Jade Badger that everybody wants to get their mitts on for its magical contents—an elixir that once taken can make somebody an invincible gung fu freak. The hero of the flick, the Flying Fox or Liu Shao Feng arrives on the scene to find the murderer of his wife (seen in a flashback playbed by Nancy Yen) but soon finds his mission diverted as he gets inadvertently involved in the affairs and conspiracies of two rival clans and a faction of others who desire the Purple Jade Badger for their own purposes. Ultimately, the Flying Fox finds his wife’s killer (played by Shih Chung Tien) after three long years and is ready to take revenge. The Killer then ingests the magic elixir of the Purple Jade Badger causing himself to turn into a freakish green creature with a white mane (played by Kam Kong) and a roar like a lion. How will the Flying Fox deal with this green creature?