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至尊威龍 (1980)
A Wily Match

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 05/30/2002

This work is a piece of crap gung fu comedy until the end. At the finale, you’ll get to see some Sun Jung Chi work. He’s great. Basically, the star of the flick is Lung Fong with Cheng Fu Hung close behind. Chai Kan (Lung Fong) and Pao (Cheng Fu Hung) are a student-teacher combo who wreak comedic havoc on their town’s inhabitants. The relationship between Chai Kan and Pao is not your traditional Teacher-student type you’d see in a gung fu flick. It’s more of like the peer-peer type. Anyways, the plot is simple. Some baddies want to abduct Pao to get his father (played by Chan Wai Lau) to fork over a priceless jade artifact. Very simple eh? It is. The flick is not too good and the fight choreography is rotten despite the fact that Peng Kang and Sun Jung Chi’s name are attached to the credits. Skip the whole movie and watch the final 10 minutes.