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蝶無影 (1981)
A Romantic Knight

Reviewed by: goldenshaw
Date: 03/07/2003
Summary: ???

The storyline of this film is somewhat questionable i don't see any lady kung fu here. Not recommended

Reviewed by: MasterArts
Date: 03/22/2002
Summary: Of Kung Fu?????Maybe not

I don't see how the title relates to this movie. Besides the fact that Pearl does wear a cape and mask. As far as kung fu wise, theres a couple of scenes. In those couple of scenes, the choreography is terrible and relies on camera tricks to make things seem faster(it doesn't help). It's story line is weird but has a colorful taste to it. Lots of pastels. It reminds me a little of Taoism Drunkard, except without the martial arts. After the first quarter of the film, I lost interest and did some other things. They do fly around if you like that stuff. This film just wasn't for me. Pearl Cheung Ling is weird. Miraculous Flower was far better. But thats another review.