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踢竇 (1980)

Reviewed by: zillion29
Date: 04/04/2002
Summary: A Terrible Movie, A Potpourri of Wrongness

I'm not even going to try to attempt to explain the plot to this one. It could have been in Swahili and it would have made more sense. It reminds me alot of Bruce Li's "Supergang", except that it has gratuitous nudity . . .and no Bruce Li.

You've got it all: bad shirts, secret gangs, fingers being cut off, drugged out rapes, and boobies galore.

I know that all of that sounds terribly interesting, but believe me: this movie is hard on your DVD's fast forward button.

Hats off to the woman with the enormous breasts who's not afraid to show them. If only we could have seen Angela Mao in a role like this!

For all of you kung fu watersports enthusiasts, there's even a scene where a peeing woman is being spyed on. She then dips a mug (don't ask) into her toilet and splashes the unsuspecting peepers.

Movies like this are great to make fun of, but it's really sad that someone paid money to see it . . .in an Asian theater . . . in 1978.

John Chang is completely forgettable in this one. Coming off seeing "Mantis Fist, Tiger Claw" I expected so much more from him.

Sigh. You've all been warned.