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小子命大 (1979)
Avenging Boxer

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 09/25/2007
Summary: Better than expected

IVe never seen the main actor (Peter Chang) before and i dont think he can be a leading man, just his face (no offense to him, im not the best looking guy either) i find annoying, close to a monkey looking type. Cassanove Wong needs a haircut BADLY!!

Unexpectedly the fight scenes were a lot better than expected. The various stunts from fighting while on the legs on tables and other stunts suprised me. The ending where the bad guy is pitted against 2 people while they used barrels, ropes and bags of sand was quite entertaining.

The non fighting sections were at times funny but others annoying. The "superman" you could of took as comedy relief or just annoying.

Worth watching for fight scenes which will impress

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/12/2002
Summary: Excellent plentiful fu

The non-fight scenes hover somewhere between dull and irritating. A pity, as the fights, which take up a bit more than half of the screening time, are amongst the best I've seen. Peter Chan and Casanova Wong are superbly matched as the the avenger and the assassin. And there is some seriously good fu talent in the support cast as well. Not only that, but the fights are great fun, and sometimes screamingly funny.

The climax is a ripper. Combining acrobatics, ropes, sacks of wheat and flying kicks, filmed in a barn. You gotta see it.

Fast forward through every scene which doesn't containing fighting or the lovely Hwa Ling.

Reviewer Score: 7