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鬼面人 (1971)
The Ghostly Face

Reviewed by: Bruce
Date: 11/02/2001
Summary: Above average Polly Kuan vehicle, with some great background settings.

Plot: A bandit gang causes lots of trouble, but Polly is after them!

This film has some really nice tropical Asian backgrounds, including a brief scene at a temple with live monkeys all over the place. Polly Kuan has most of the fight scenes (some are against many attackers), and she usually fights unarmed except for some little flowers that she flings with deadly accuracy. She rescues a kidnapped girl and then helps the girl locate her sister, who was also captured by the bandit gang. Polly also does some credible horseback riding. (If you saw the documentary "Top Fighter 2: Deadly China Dolls" the footage of Polly riding and fighting, with long hair and a white headband, is from this film.)

One of the bandit leaders is mousey little Chan Wai-Lau; in order to make him credible in that role they had to give him a thick vest and put him up on a platform, or else shoot from a very low camera angle, with him nearest the camera. But he's just the right size for little Polly to beat up, and you have no doubt that she could beat him up in real life, too. This isn't Polly's best film, but it certainly is better than her average ones.