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處女降 (1988)

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/02/2001
Summary: Ludicrous

This film is far more comically awful than either scary or sexy. And the script is horribly muddled, being unable to decide which character to concentrate on. Starts out as a glamour vehicle for Maria Yuen, slips in a little black magic, changes to melodrama, splices in some nudity (including some brief full frontal), and eventually brings in some full-on horror (which includes a guy with snakes and rats exiting his body).

The one thing I can't forgive about this film is the under-use of the luscious Yu Chi Wai. Her appearances in the first hour are so brief as to constitute a cameo. She does play a major role in the last 20 minutes, during which she wildly overacts. 1987 was Yu's debut year, and she showed off her great body in the same year in the classic Yu Pui Tsuen II (the film on which Sex And Zen was based). Why they let her only briefly flash her boobs and no more astonished me.

Despite this criticism, this film is a moderately enjoyable way to waste 80 minutes or so. There are two brief bathing near a waterfall sequences, which have nothing whatever to do with the story, but provide some nice visuals, and were later copied in Erotic Ghost Story. Just don't expect too much titillation, horror or sense.

Reviewer Score: 4