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鐵首無情追魂令 (1978)
Kung Fu of Dammoh Styles

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 09/24/2003

Chen Sing plays Wan Yi Fei, a man with a shady past and ambitions to be the best martial artist in the land. An unknown killer is offing a lot folks in town, so the government sends a secret agent (Wang Tao) to investigate matters. As the story unfolds, the secret agent finds out who the killer is from an unlikely source. Not only that, he finds out who killed his father. Steven Tung Wei has a bit part as a scholar who abhors gung fu to only later learn it. The movie has some decent parts. There is one part when a guy (Ma Cheung) is using a pair of cobras as his choice of weapon. I never had seen that before!