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Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/25/2002
Summary: Cherie topless (almost)

AAARGH ! What possessed Shaw Brothers to produce this mindless drivel ? Perhaps it was just too hard to resist making a vehicle for probably HK's loveliest actress of the early 80s, and construct a flimsy plot about two guys relentlessly pursuing her.

The ONLY reason to watch this atrocious waste of talent is around he 35-minute mark. In a scene which lasts just 30 seconds, Cherie prepares to get into bed with Tony. She takes off a blouse, to reveal a see-through top under which there is clearly no bra. She then removes this flimsy protection, turns to one side, and her lovely left breast brief bobs up and down. There's a quite cut to a frontal shot, where her boobs are concealed by a strategically-placed shadow. She then blows out the candle.

The remainder of this mind-numbing rubbish consists mainly of Choh Yuen running around and looking hassled, Tony Leung looking at first smug then very uncomfortable, and Cherie looking ... well... gorgeous.

For serious Cherie completists only.

Reviewer Score: 1