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猴拳大決鬥 (1978)
Invincible Monkey Fist

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 11/15/2003

Bad flick with real bad gung fu! Chen Kuan Tai as the action director could not even save this one. This flick was Billy Chong’s aka Willy Dozhan first flick and it’s something that is not to be remembered. I love Billy’s later works such as <I>Crystal Fist</i> and <i>Super Power </i>, but if you watch this flick, you would not even sense that this guy is acrobatic and a pretty good on screen fighter. I don’t know how Chen Kuan Tai got to do this flick because if he could roll back the clock, he’d probably turn it down. I guess while on vacation down in Indonesia somebody asked him to do the flick in 1 day. Yeah, it’s that bad. The flick is your basic revenge style flick. There is a dreaded Indonesian thug called the “Black Monster” who wants to be the “king of fighters”. When he beats up and kills an old man for the “Dragon sword”, his dream is realized. The Black Monster then uses his gung fu and his men to kill a bunch of fighters and take over a local villa as a base for his operations. The Black Monster and his gang are living life to the fullest by raping all the young girls, extorting the locals, and partying all day and night. When a masked vigilante in black and an out of town visitor with the “invincible monkey fist” show up in town with an agenda, the Black Monster begins to realize that his reign as “king of fighters” is up for a challenge and must do anything to not lose it. Unfortunately, Black Monster is up for a huge battle because the two guys who want his head on a BBQ platter have only one thing on their minds-kill to avenge the death of a family member. Bad flick. Avoid like the plague.