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Pb (1978)
The Lady Constables

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/18/2001
Summary: Charlie's Angels in HK !

No, not the new movie, but the 70s TV series. Yes, I know one of the Constables is a man, but the form is very similar.

For an action film, there sure is a lot of talk ! Angela and Chia spend at least half the film verbally duelling each other and, though Wong GH's character does not speak, he manages quite a lot of badmouthing himself.

I'm afraid these guys very easily fulfil the role of "dumb cops". While capturing and interrogating suspects, THREE times, the same seuqence of events occurs, which each time ends with the suspect dying before any useful info comes to light.

The fights, when they happen, are of the high standard you'd expect from this bunch.

However, the action only really hits the heights when Chang Yi starts to fight, and the climax is a ripper.

Overall, I'd have expected better from four such great action stars, but still worth a look.

Reviewer Score: 5