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Ҥ (1978)
Shaolin Invincible Sticks

Reviewed by: RiceBowl
Date: 10/16/2003

Wong Tao plays Chen Ku Yung who neglects his Chen family stick kung fu for having fun. His uncle or dad challenged him for the right to learn stick kung fu. Obviously he lost, but he was sent packing without his rich families money. He later befriends Tai Li Lei ( played by Kam Kong) who calls him big brother ( Dai Goh means big brother in Cantonese). Tai Li Lei wants to help Ku Yung become better at stick fighting, but they both are stuck in other peoples ways. Chang Yi plays Lu Tai Yeh ( who has the apperance of a typical white haired, evil, old person with great kung fu skill) who wants to destroy all the stick kung fu schools. What happends when two ends meet? I'm sorry I cant give much a way.

There is some good sick fights but not at a fast pace like you would expect in an newer Yuen Wo Ping film. This is a great movie to learn movie stick kung fu.

You will not be disappointed if your a Wong Tao fan. The end fight is short but a little faster.

School grade 78% worth a look.

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 07/28/2003

I just love those old school flicks where there is a bad ass villain with the white hair. Chang Yi plays the part well. Chang Yi plays this stick fighter named Lu Tai Yeh who uses his deadly “Tzu Wu” stick to make mince meat of his opponents. Lu Tai Yeh, along with his two sidekicks (played by Fung Long and Cheng Ching) just about closes down all the gung fu gyms in Northern China. Never satisfied, Lu and his men travel down south to clean up the region and take out all gyms and fighters who think they may be good with the stick. Lu’s plan is running without a hitch until he meets a new upstart, Ku Yung (Wang Tao), who plans on fighting Lu to take back the family heirloom, a Tzu Wu stick, and regain the honor of his family.