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僱傭兵 (2000)
Killers from Beijing

Reviewed by: danton
Date: 04/21/2002

Low-budget B-movie that doesn't aim very high, but manages to present a fairly predictable story in an effective manner. It's the story of four ex soldiers from the mainland, led by Patrick Tam, who get recruited by a HK triad to come to HK and kill a rival triad boss. The characters are pretty much cliches - we have the porn-obsessed guy, the fat guy who wants nothing but food, the fast car fan, and Patrick himself as the melancholic brooding leader who wants a better life for himself and his girlfriend. They come to HK, they carry our the assassination, and then things start going horribly wrong. There's a lot of shooting, lots of bleeding and pretty much everyone dies in melodramatic fashion. Still, it's all presented at a brisk pace, the actors do a good job with the limited material they're given, the action scenes are presented energetically, with lots of handheld cameras and a POV that stays in medias res, so the end result is a fairly entertaining 90 minutes as long as you keep your expectations low. Marginal recommendation.

Reviewed by: mejones
Date: 03/22/2002
Summary: so-so

A group of four army officers, lead by Patrick Tam and including Chin Kar Lok, are ousted for being overly violent. As a result, no one in their small town respects them, Patrick can't marry his girlfriend b/c he's too poor, they get beaten and arrested by the corrupt village chief. They're so down on their luck, it's easy to see why they might jump at the chance to make big money in HK by offing some triad boss! Sooo... off they go, young men hoping to make a mark in the world! All of this is extremely predictable, but I still found it enjoyable. Partly, I think, because I took most of it as tongue-in-cheek because of the way it was filmed!!! I dunno, it started out kind of campy, so I began thinking of it as a bit of a parody and that might be why I found it more amusing than anything else!! Overall, another story about loyal buddies vs. everyone else!

Reviewed by: ryanatpoker
Date: 03/31/2001
Summary: Synopsis

A rascal discovers that his wife and his "big brother" are having an affair. He pretends to be ignorant of the situation, while at the same time hiring four killers from the mainland to set up them up. After completing their task, the killers from Beijing soon find that they have been betrayed by the man who hired them. Now, instead of being paid in cash, the killers are being paid in lead, and they must stay together and fight their way out of Hong Kong.