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獸性新人類 (2000)
Naked Poison

Reviewed by: AkiraRus
Date: 04/02/2007

Sick, exploitational, just plain stupid (scene at the hospital is hilarious in unintentionally trashy way) and therefore pretty cool flick. Despite low budget, camerawork and acting are good and Sophie Ngan has nude scene which is also welcome addition.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/10/2003
Summary: Agree with danton

It's funny you watch this movie and somehow can not leabe until it finishes yet in all honesty, nothing much happens......except for a lot of soft core sex scenes that is!!

Yeah it deserves it's CAT 3 rating. At first you feel sorry for the main character but the personality quickly changes into a power hungry man who thinks he can play good.

I am not sure why but i liked this film even though it was low budget and half the time it was a sex scene. Maybe the idea of people getting their just deserts appeals to me


Reviewed by: danton
Date: 02/20/2002

This is a mean-spirited, ultra-cheap B-movie that is devoid of any redeeming qualities in its relentless focus on sex and violence. Yet somewhere along the way, it almost manages to transcend the onedimensional script and actually creates a quite tense, highly charged atmosphere that keeps the viewer gripped at the edge of the seat.

It's the story of a nerdy young man (Sam Leung) who doesn't get much respect at home or at work, and who is overwhelmed by the power of his sexual frustration. When he inherits is grandfather's herbalist store and medicine cabinet, he manages to concoct a powerful drug/aphrodisiac that renders women helpless and in need of his sexual services. Soon, he transforms himself into a sex maniac taking advantage of the women around him (incl. Sophie Ngan), while ignoring some of the drug's less pleasant side effects.
A co-worker (Gwennie Tam) who actually likes him offers a chance to get back to more healthy forms of social interaction, but this being a Cat 3 thriller, it's clear that a few people must die, some blood must be spilled and the protagonist must pay for his sins.

Not a memorable movie by any means, but still a cut above similar offerings. The actors do a good job with the rather ludicrous script, and the film manages to build and sustain suspense right to the end. The obligatory sex scenes are more on the violent than the erotic side of things, however.

Reviewed by: GlennS
Date: 04/08/2001
Summary: Sophie and Gwennie and...that's it

The awesome cover on the VCD made me pick this one up and aside from from seeing ultra-babes Sophie Ngan and Gwennie Tam (though her good points are obscured. DAMN!!) in the buff, there's not much to recommend here.

Nerdy and nebbish office boy Min (Samuel Leung) lives with his grandparents at their Chinese herbal medicine shop. He seems to have a perpetual hard-on and gets beaten up by his neighbor Fai for peeping at Fai's sexapades. And if that's not bad enough, he gets harassed at work by his boss and the bosses secretary, Winnie (Sophie Ngan).

We start to feel sorry for the poor Min until his grandfather dies and Min discovers a highly addictive aphrodesiac that increases a person's hormones until that person wants to shag the first person they see. Min uses his discovery for devious ends and ends up getting his victims enslaved for more quick fixes. An office girl he likes, Ming (Gwennie Tam), starts to get close to Min and suspects something is really weird about him.

Though the plot sounds like the perfect formula for a lot of Cat III kinkiness, there are a lot of dead spots in this film and it's hard not to wince seeing the homely Leung having sex with the babes. Director Cash Chin does a decent job with a super low budget. I'd recommend this film for seeing a naked Sophie and a semi-nude (DAMN!!) Gwennie Tam.


Reviewer Score: 5