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BadBoy特攻 (2000)
For Bad Boys Only

Reviewed by: Hyomil
Date: 04/07/2011

Reviewer Score: 10

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 02/12/2010

Sporting tons of bad CGI, incessant Ekin Cheng smarminess, and one of the stupidest titles ever, For Bad Boys Only is a prime example of why many people thought Hong Kong cinema was dead in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Fans of cheeseball action movies might squeeze some fun out of this if they take it on ala Mystery Science Theatre, but be warned that, like the great Wesley Snipes says in Blade, getting any true enjoyment from a viewing of For Bad Boys Only is akin to trying to ice skate uphill.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: Chinoco
Date: 07/16/2006
Summary: Good for a laugh or two (for the wrong reasons)

Well this was a weird one. This movie is about the Bad Boy detective agency which features King (Ekin Chan), Jack (Louis Koo), and king’s younger sister Queen (Kristy Yeung). Their specialty is to locate missing loved ones for people. One problem: both stars act like anything but bad boys for much of the film. A better name for the movie could have been "For Pansies Only". Jack gets dumped early on in the film and spends about 90% of the movie moping about it. It seems like it's his desire to have a perfect 10 for a girlfriend. Well, his girl finds the pressure to be too much to take. Also, she tells Jack that she would like a 10 for a boyfriend as well. Stating that he is more like a 2, she gets rid of him. King doesn't act much better as you will see when I get to him later.

After a few small cases, the main plot of the film focuses on the fact that there are about 20 female characters all played by Shu Qi. There appears to be a wacky Japanese cloning scheme going on and the Bad Boy agency is going to do something about it! Until meeting one of the many Shu Qi's; King spends his time flirting with every woman he sees. After meeting "Eleven" a Shu Qi Clone with the mind of an eleven year old- he falls in love with her. No reason is really given for this. In fact I found it very disturbing that he would pass up several hot babes (including Anya as a super-cute DJ) for someone with the mind of a child! Pretty weak and kind of sleazy if you think about it.

Anyway, King decides he's going to try and find out why so many women around town look like his beloved Eleven. Where to start? Well how about driving for a minute or two until you find a huge van circling aimlessly in the city with huge "DNA" letters clearly marking it. It's a good start anyway. Now it's time for a fairly cool fight scene on top of the truck where King breaks out his handy Spider-Man web shooters that he must have picked up on Ebay.

Back at his house the entire Japanese gang has finally located King and Eleven. They take her away and about 20 men start to fire upon King. It looks like curtains for sure, until Jack shows up apparently finally over being dumped earlier in the film. When Jack arrives, he gives King a friendly nod, as if to say "I've got you back, pal!" King looks back and shows a touching acknowledgement of friendship. The Japanese gang must have been impressed by this as well, as they decide to stop firing their guns.

This brings us to the finale. It takes place in (where else) a cloning warehouse. Here the leader of the cloning gang presses a few buttons and turns Shu Qi violently against King and Jack. In one moment that impressed me, instead of trying to talk the superhuman violent clone "out of it", Jack immediately opens fire on her. Another interesting note: Jack's shots have no effect, but when the leader accidentally shoots her (with the same gun) she drops like a ton of bricks.

As with any warehouse movie ending; suddenly violent explosions start going off, and the whole place is about to go up in flames. King initially refuses to leave, having been devastated with the loss of Eleven. In a very uncomfortable scene, Jack stares right into King's eyes, holding him tightly, and tells him that he won't leave without him. Come to think of it, this might be why Jack didn't hesitate to blast Eleven when he had the chance.

Anyway, as you can see, this movie was filled with plenty of over the top, cheesy moments. I got through it, but mostly because of several "so bad it's good" moments. Even Shu Qi was not looking her best in this film. She looked very thin- way too skinny.

Watch this movie if you have nothing to do, and want a laugh or two at the film's expense.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: IIIJoNIII
Date: 05/12/2004
Summary: 2/5

Hmm... let's see, where can i start? This movie was weird, the story, the characters, and especially a lot of the scenes. The movies about a trio of private-eyes, King(Ekin Cheng), Queen(Kristy Yeung), and Jack(Louis Koo)who reunite lost lovers. They take on three related cases which involves three look alike women, Kwan Chin, Shadow, and Eleven( all played by Shu Qi). As they investigate deeper into each case, they eventually run across a Japanese syndicate that are up to no good, and will do anything to keep the trio out of their business.

Alright, from the moment i saw the first scene of this movie, i knew it was going to be corny. Two supposably stylish guys, one has amazing marksmanship, and the other is Bruce Lee, along with a lollipop girl following them, like to fight for truelove and do goofy poses. The plot was alright, but a lot of the scenes in this movie were extremely unreal(even for my taste), yet they are so goofy that it makes you go " wtf? hahaha," and continue watching. Ekin does an ok job of being a cocky player who begins to learn what love is. I thought the way he used to pick up girls was pretty funny, with the tarot cards. I don't think Louis Koo was too into his character because during the whole movie he was very emotionless, even when his girl dumped him. Kristy Yeungs performance did no better, although i've only seen her in a couple of movies, in this one she was just o_o. Shu Qi, i have to say im not a big fan of her movies, but she did pretty well in this one, especially as the clueless and curious Eleven.

Overall this was a really dumb movie, but there were goofy scenes that made me laugh(probably unintended). I would not recommend this movie to people who can't stand cheesy special effects and SciFi movies. Also, the ending doesnt make sense, was there another Shu Qi? Did she escape? someone please explain this to me. Anyways, i give it a [2/5] for the funny scenes.

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 04/06/2003
Summary: A lot of romance

Any real critic would argue the plot silly and unspectacular. They would be correct. I did, however, enjoy BadBoy TeGong. I don't mind witnessing a bad performace from Ekin Cheng once in a while, but this may be his worst yet. Definitely worse than Tokyo Raiders. Beware also that you're in for 100 minutes of non-stop romance.


Reviewed by: YutGouHoYun
Date: 01/19/2003
Summary: For Bad Boys Only by YutGouHoYun

What pleases the mass market may not please the palatte of the sophisticated viewer. This HK attempt at a sci-fi movie is rather dull and off based. It seems that hollywood HK felt that if they put today's hottest stars in a wacky eye candy movie would sell. Be it as it may, this movie is better enjoyed if you were 10 and thought you TOO can be a Bad Boy private investigator.

Reviewed by: Stardust
Date: 07/08/2002
Summary: Did I Miss Something?

Oh boy, where do I start with this one?

The acting: What the heck happened to Ekin Cheng? This is probably the worst acting he's done (that I've seen). And the voice dubbing just makes it worst because it's inconsistent with his moving (or non-moving)lips and makes him sound kinda feminine. Shu Qi is bad X 3 (triple intolerable). Louis Koo and Kristy Yang are the only good characters, which they probably lucked out on because of their simple/understandable storyline. I don't watch Daniel Chan often in movies so it's hard to compare his work. But I'd rather watch his character than Ekin in this movie.

The storyline: There are 3 separate stories that link together. If anyone paid attention, it's not confusing to sort out what happened. Each story consists of a common factor, a woman who looks like Shu Qi but each is a different person. The linking of the stories is due to a cloning experiment, enough said. What I'm confused about is why Shu Qi was the chosen victim to clone. Did I miss something along the way? If it's for her talent, she's just 1 out of tons of athletes; if it's for her looks, well...I highly doubt that (personal opinion). There are many others to choose from, like famous/powerful people, etc. to clone that can benefit the masterminds behind the experiement. And the reason behind the clone is also missed (if it was, power?). The fact that Shu Qi was chosen (as an actress and as the victim) just made this movie 3X as worst.

The relationships: It's nice to see Ekin and Kristy playing siblings for once, even if it's unbelieveable. I've never seen Kristy and Louis together before, so this was a fresh/sweet/cute pairing. Shu Qi doesn't match anyone, to be honest, so I could care less who she ends up with. Chemistry among the 3 main characters that make up the Bad Boys Squad was average, but there wasn't enough screen time for the 3 of them together for me to complain or praise about.

Overall, this movie generated some laughs from me, but for its stupidity. My tolerance to finish the movie was totally due to Louis and Kristy. Without them, forget it.

Rating: 5/10

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 01/12/2002
Summary: Manfred Wong goes HIGH TEC!

The reviews here are a mixture of either VERY GOOD, or VERY BAD. Me, I would actually rate this slightly higher. The story is pretty bad, it does make sense, but the whole idea is a mixture of other movies and I don't like the way it turns out.

As for acting, it's hard to tell, as most of it is action, with a lot of special effects, which I think was unnecessary. Ekin Cheng & Shu QI are the main characters, and although Ekin was okay, Shu Qi was annoying, which didn;t help as she played 3 parts. Louise Koo is pretty good though.

All in all, it's definitely worth watching, but I don't recommend anyone buying it, unless you like Sci Fi kind of movies.

Rating (out of 5): 3

(This rating is based on the year & genre, so don't think it's based as a comparison on new releases etc.)

Reviewed by: Trigger
Date: 11/20/2001
Summary: 5.5/10 - 6/10

Ok - this film is crap... but I liked it. My girlfriend would love this film. It starts out promising enough - stylish and whatnot. Reminded me of the Charlie's Angels movie in many respects. Probably more like Tokyo Raiders though. This film tries to emulate a few different Hollywood films but in a Hong Kong style. It's weird.

As a Sci-Fi film, this film doesn't quite cut the mustard. It's about cloning in this respect (with scenes that borrow from Alien Resurrection and the Fifth Element). As an Action film it also fails. There are some decent little flashy fighting scenes and shooting scenes and even a few explosions, but it never seems to be the focus of the film, just something for the actors to look good doing (some scenes that borrow heavily from the Matrix and a few others I can't put my finger on). As a romance, it doesn't do too bad... there's actually a script here that wasn't too poorly written believe it or not. The characters are fairly cookie-cutter generic from the HK cinema fun factory, but they do develop over the duration of this picture and they were able to make me give a crap about where they stood in their relationships with each other. Basically, think Tokyo Raiders meets Needing You with a bunch of Hollywood spoofs and you have this film.

There are many goofs in this film - hair in the lens that ended up on the print and they used it anyway... hero takes a bullet in the back and then less than a minute later, he's fine and doesn't have a scratch as if it never happened. ...lips move at times and they never went in to loop the dialogue that wasn't picked up by the mic on set... etc...

Shu Qi is stunning as always and she's pretty good in this film playing 3 people. They try to give her old-age makeup and it doesn't take... she still looks stunning. They also put her in a bunch of terrible wigs. In fact, she's in this horrible elvira wig throughout most of her time on screen. She doesn't get naked in this film, but she does make out with guys alot.

The DVD has good picture and sound and is well worth the few bucks it costs to get it from DDDHouse. The extras are gravy. If you're a Shu Qi fan, then this one should go in your collection. Don't get me wrong - this movie is godawful... it's one of the dumbest things I've seen in awhile - in fact, I think I'm dumber for having watched it. That doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed it. It's entertaining if you turn your brain off and watch it for what it is. I mean - if I didn't enjoy watching it, I'd give the film a 1/10 for being so dumb. It's not dumber than Skyline Cruisers though... that was hella dumb.

Despite all that - I'll have to give this a thumbs up with the caveat that this film is dumb and you can't throw rocks at my head if you hate it. If you sometimes like dumb films - then this is for you. I mean - does a film that rips off Hollywood films, looks like amatures made it, has Shu Qi in it, and is kind of a cross between Tokyo Raiders and Charlie's Angels sound appealing to you? If so - then go for it.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: sushi_x
Date: 09/28/2001
Summary: Cool Film With Style!

'For Bad Boys Only' somehow didn't relate too much to its title besides the fact that the team of investigators are called Bad Boy Squad. However I enjoyed the movie. The film had class and a lot even had some comedy to come with it. The story can be confusing considering Shu Qi plays 3 roles. Ekin once again did a heaps good job playing the role of a playboy (King), leading a group of all-star casts. Also good were Louis Koo (Jack), Kristy Yang (Queen) and Shu Qi (Eleven - her main character). I simply have nothing to critise of this film except for the fact that Ekin and Kristy didn't as brother and sister since they played as lovers in 'The Storm Riders', 'A Man Called Hero' and 'The Duel'. This combination didn't suit them. Also, I wonder why Gigi Lai appeared for just a bit?...I reckon she and Ekin make a good couple in movies (because of Y & D). Daniel Chan was also pretty weird thing is why is he holding a gun in the cinema title billboard, considering he had nothing to do with the film's action???? Anyway a kick-ass Ekin film, starring a lot of his co-actresses in previous films (Shu Qi, Kristy Yang, Gigi Lai and Kelly Lin). Overall, 9/10.

Reviewer Score: 9

Reviewed by: lang_mui85
Date: 08/09/2001
Summary: da true summary...

tis movie... let's see... it has a pretty dull plot... but damn... two fine guys in one movie... it has a lot of funny moments... ekin isn't wat he normally is... that cool... young and dangerous type... he's more... playboy... funny type... louis... he's pretty good in tis movie too... kristy's good too... but shu qi... i dun think that she can handle all those rolls...
alrite... here's the story....
king(ekin),jack(louis),queen(kristy) make up the badboy group... they find first lovers for people... they meet tis guy(daniel) and he asks them for help to find shadow(shu qi)... then this taiwan guy asks them for help to find his lost lover(shu qi)... jack and king split up the work... jack finds the taiwan gurl... and king finds shadow look alike... only it isn't her... it's a clone... the rest of the movie is for u to find out...
and to all those haterz out there.. fuck u... i'm tired of hearing shiet from people... and to those two dat said all that shiet bout driving those cars... watever... one crash and those cars r finished... they ain't powerful... the only way dat they get powerful is if u fix them up good...

Reviewed by: gwailo
Date: 06/02/2001
Summary: SHU QI X3.....

Unfortunately Hollywood has barred HK cinema into submission....almost. The tired Hollywood effects,(terrible in the Matrix) are almost palletable here. Lifted right from it's California counterpart, it's made watchable by the young actors. Funny turns by all involved, even Ekin, manage to turn a lazy script into something tight and enjoyable. The appearance of Shu Qi in three 'different' roles helps. Yes, the characters are poorly written and the script is very silly, but who cares. That's what drew us to HK cinema. The oddity of the cinemas form and content. Now we all think we're experts on the genre. Most lost site of the nations cinema when most stars and directors went Hollywood swingin'. There is still excitement to be had in HK. For Bad Boys Only is not a bad movie. The goofiness of the script keeps it afloat over many other recent action comedies. The photography of the great Jingle Ma is excellent. How is a cinema supposed to compete in it's flailing market? HK is being overrun with Hollywood productions. To keep up with Hollywood, HK is heisting their content. What else can the industry do at this time? Eventually when the film going public gets fed up with both countries contrived productions, a reinvention will occur. I'm sure we are all waiting for the next Full Contact, or something with the passion of A Bullet in the Head. Don't dismiss films like For Bad Boys Only, and run to your nearest multiplex to check out the new DMX?!? action flick?!?. Stick around and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 05/27/2001
Summary: Enjoyable

FOR BAD BOYS ONLY: Lots of fun - stylish & stylised, quite interesting and intelligent script from Manfred Wong for a change. Shu Qi gives several good performances. The only let down is the action sequences, which are all very derivative (some from Tokyo Raiders & some from The Matrix). Most people seem to hate it though.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: rolandyu
Date: 05/04/2001
Summary: Hmm.....

Depends on how you watch it. Sometimes it can be fun, but sometimes it's really crap.

A lot of action scenes, but not superiors. Many of them are even very clumsy. The style of the movie is not that good, the story is uninteresting and the ending is too ugly.

The casts are alright. But not covering up the negatives from above. It might be enjoyable yet quite boring sometimes. Hope you find the right time to watch it.


Reviewed by: Jareth
Date: 04/30/2001
Summary: Almost palatable

So... what was this movie about anyways? See, I have a thing for Shu Qi. So I was thinking, ok, Qi X 3 right? How could a movie suck if it has Qi X 3? I implore you to not make the same naiive mistake. I like to laugh at movies, like Gen-Y Cops and so forth. Sometimes shittiness is entertaining. By theis specious reasing, FBBO should be really entertaining, yet it is not. If you think that this review is not consistent and meanders, imagine reading it for two hours, add a few cool explosions, a hot chick x 3 and you get aforementioned movie.

Let me put it this way: it ripped off the Matrix. ANy Hong Kong movie that rips off an American movie that ripped off every Hong Kong movie ever made creates a paradoxial vortex from which noone escapes. Save yourselves! Do not see this movie!! UNless you want to go where no man, no one, has gone before...

Reviewed by: reelcool
Date: 03/29/2001
Summary: Shu Qi is a genius

That's right Shu Qi, that horiffic excuse for an actress, deserves credit for ... well, for being an actress. Anyone who can find producers and directors willing to pay her to be in a movie has got to be a genius. Her ability to land roles can't be her looks, because there are lots of pretty girls with more talent willing to work for less. Therefore, she must be a genius. In "Bad Boys", she actually plays 3 parts - that's triple the bad acting for the price of one. Man, what a bargain.

Reviewed by: byryn
Date: 03/24/2001
Summary: Stay Away

Oh man. I wish I didn't waste my 2 hours watching this movie.

This movie is just plain awful.

The plot is contrived. The story flow is choppy. The subplots are poorly executed. The fight scenes are unoriginal. The jokes are not funny. And the acting? Hmmm... Shu Qi prancing around and whining again.

If you you like Shu Qi, then you'll like this film because you see her everywhere. If you don't like her, stay away.

Reviewed by: AV1979
Date: 03/20/2001
Summary: Strange yet kinda funny

In "For Bad Boys Only", King (Ekin CHENG), Jack (Louis KOO), and Queen (Kristy YEUNG) are an investigator team who searches for the first loves of their clients. When they are asked by a lonely artist (Daniel CHAN) and a tycoon to find their first loves, they find that the womean look exactly the same (Shu QI, in 3 different roles).

This was a strange film because the film had to do with human cloning, as villain Taro Sakamoto (Mark CHENG, who looks like 70's chop socky star Casanova Wong in this film) makes the perfect clone named Eleven (also Shu QI) and Eleven ends up falling for King.

Why is this funny? Ekin Cheng made me laugh most of the movie with some of his antics. From wooing girls to emulating Bruce Lee, it was quite funny. The subplots focused more on Louis Koo's relationship with Kristy Yeung and Daniel Chan's relationship with his Shu Qi (I say his, b/c there are 3 Shu Qi's in the film).

Nevertheless, look for appearances from Blacky Ko, Jerry Lamb, and Ng Chi Hung. I thought the film was enjoyable. So, I'd give it a chance.

Reviewed by: tcooc
Date: 03/01/2001
Summary: Ferrari, Porsche and BMW SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!!

I was reading the review by 'fuck you' and I have to say that I agree that the cars did piss me off a little bit. Why is it in film or real life, when your rich you be driving in a Porsche of Ferrari?
I mean if I was that rich I'll be driving powerful cars like Nissan GT-R Skyline, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru Impreza WRX, Honda NSX.

OK, if someone GAVE me a Ferrari or Porsche, of cause I will take it {If you say no your a fucking lier}

Ferrari/Porsche what so good about it, oh yeah the NAME, So that makes it OK. Just think a Ferrari badge on a sporty car which you don't like........................................
I bet you like it now, cause it has the badge wanker.

Nissan GT-R Skyline, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru Impreza WRX, Honda NSX and Honda S200, IS the BEST cars in the WORLD.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 02/28/2001
Summary: Not good

I feel like when I watch movies, that my expectations must be high or something because movies which I think are crap, people like, and this is one example!!

What is there to like about this movie apart from perving (for gals) on Ekin Cheung And Louis Koo?? Umm not much from what I saw!!

The introduction to the movie was good but it just drops from there!! Ekin uses most of the screen time, and poor Louis must feel like 5the rate because he is not in as many scenes.

And the plot, where was one?? It felt like 10 sub stories in one movie!! I felt bored watching this!!
Action was ok (and similar to “Tokyo Raiders” style fighting) but that type of action (sorry, hard for me to explain it’s style but the best I can say is every bad guy looks too easily beaten up)
Comedy was better than I thought (but I did think this was all action) so you do get a laugh here and there
Ending looked like it was done in a rush, and therefore CRAP!!

Definitely not a movie to take seriously, but it is a fun movie but don’t expect to strain your brain at this movie!!

OH Daniel Chan has a gun in his hand on the poster but don’t expect him to have one in the movie
Disappointed, and in the same mold as “Tokyo Raiders”


Reviewed by: Chuma
Date: 02/23/2001
Summary: "I want sexual relations!"

King Chan, Queen Chan and Jack Shum are a group of private eyes
known as the BAD BOYS. When we first meet them they are blowing
a wedding in Thailand for a client to get his girlfriend back.

After a successful job on the flight back to Hong Kong, King woos
a flight attendant with his 'special deck' of tarot cards. Jack and
Queen make fun of him for trying to woo every woman he sees.

He continues this trend while they are on a job where he woos the
organist at a church. Later, at a nightclub he is out with
the organist he met as well as Queen and Jack, when he falls for the
female DJ, but much to his horror, the flight attendant turns up and
he is forced to do some fancy manuvering.

Also at the night club a Japanese dude with white hair (we never learn
his name), is talking to a businessman who he then introduces to a
woman called Eleven. This woman catches King's eye, but he is too
busy with the DJ to care.

A few days later, a man meets with the Bad Boys who wants their help
to find his girlfriend named Shadow. She has been missing for
14 months. Something that comes as a surprise for King is that she
looks a lot like a woman he saw at the nightclub. As the man has
not been working since his girlfriend dissapeared he doesn't have
any money. Jack and King don't want the case, but Queen convinces them
to consider it.

Not long after a rich businessman in Taiwan requests their help in
finding a former lover who also bears a striking resemblence to
Shadow and the woman King saw in the nightclub.

After losing a game of Chinese Chequers, Jack and Queen go looking
for the Taiwanese businessman's former lover while King stays in
Hong Kong to look for Shadow.

As he thinks the woman in the nightclub is Shadow, he trails the
white haired Japanese Dude (WHJD from now on), who as it turns out,
is on the trail of Eleven. He rescues her just before she is captured
and calls Shadow's boyfriend, who quickly tells him she is not
his girlfriend. This pleases King no end as Eleven is very curious
and wants to kiss all the time.

However, all is not what it seems. Eleven can only remember that she
is a human and is half Japanese and half Chinese. WHJD is on their
trail as he wants to get Eleven back to gain the approval of Mr X
and Queen and Jack are having their own problems.

I liked this movie as it was a different take on the action/cop style
film and it had some interesting characters. The stand out of
the movie has to be Hsu Chi as she plays three characters, but
I also liked Queen Chan because she stood out as a strong character
in her own right against the two male leads (and she managed to do
this without removing the Chupa-chup she was sucking in every scene).

There are also some good action sequences in this film, mostly
involving men in black masks and WHJD (see the movie for a better

Rating : 8/10

Reviewed by: trenty
Date: 02/20/2001
Summary: Good packaging but holes inside.

"For bad boys only" suggested with it's title as a fun flick to deliver. The cast was great and director had put them adequately throughout the film. However, some flaws in this movie produced a non-perfect film.

When the movie started, it gave the audience some character introductions, which delivered a great intro (first thing you will know is that this film must be fun to watch). However, when the introduction was done, everything slowed down. The mood of the movie suddenly vanished. Later, we were introduced to another character named "Tin Ai", to find his lost girlfriend named Shadow. That's when the story started and the mood of the movie is back, or the "plot" of the movie to be exact. Then, as we followed along the story, we then introduced another lost love (who looked exactly like Shadow). Here, biggest disappointment and the movie returned to the "down" mood produced earlier. The whole idea of this "another lost love" subplot was only to make a lesson for Jack. There supposed to have no relationship with the main plot itself and could have been left out to make this movie more entertaining. Overall, the flow of the movie is quite unstable, or should be said as "rollercoaster", which resulted in not that fun to watch overall.

As for the performances, I personally think the director had put the actors well in placed. Ekin Cheng and Louis Koo as bad boys' leader, well, they looked like real bad boy anyway. Also, their assistance, Kristy Yeung as Queen was suitable, too. Shu Qi as two lost loves and another clone was a good one. However, the dub of each character was different and sometimes uncomfortable to listen to. Besides that, Shu Qi had a good role here and she did her job by express her acting. As to other supporting/guest cast, were also suitable in placed, especially Mark Cheng with white hair as the Japanese, it was good.

In conclusion, "For bad boys only" did gave the audience a good packaging with the cast but a few disappointments inside, resulting not as much fun as you may thought. Here in this movie we don't have a problem with the cast but the problem with the flow of the movie itself. The story could have be more excited if the story stays with itself (subplot I mentioned above). Other than that, the movie is still watchable and occasionally fun.

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 02/20/2001
Summary: ????!!!!?!!?!!??!

As much as I disliked some of the Christmas movies, it was usually more or less clear what the filmmakers were attempting. Here... I have no idea. The first ten minutes or so promise to be fun, with Raymond Yip aping the camerawork and general silliness of Tokyo Raiders, while Ekin and Louis sport ridiculous outfits and cigars, and Kristy Yang looks like some kind of hippie. Once the plot kicks in, though, things get a little more stupid and a little less "goofy." Even worse, Hsu Chi mugs it up in... four roles? Five roles? It's like some kind of horrible nightmare. The most prominent role is actually MEANT to be child-like, meaning she squeaks and prances and pouts even more than usual. The only consolation is that towards the end you get to see the results of failed cloning attempts; looking at screwed-up copies of Hsu Chi is pretty funny.

For all my bashing of Hsu, though, perhaps the worst thing is that the film occasionally gets serious and tries to say something insightful about the nature of love, only to undercut these "deep observations" with an ending that seems to imply (forget SEEMS, it practically comes right out and says it)that looks are all that really matters.

Despite the gun-laden poster, the action is rare and generally not very exciting. The whole film, in fact, has a very shoddy and cheap feeling when compared to the season's other big-budget offerings; this makes it even more surprising that the occasional special effects are pretty well-done. There is one scene that would be unforgiveable in its blatant stealing from The Matrix- if it weren't for the fact that it actually looks a bit better than The Matrix. Still, it looks like most of the budget was concentrated into a few short segments.

All in all, For Bad Boys Only is at least not too boring. It's funny and "wacky," but the "what the HELL?" laughs were probably not what they were going for. But then again, it's not much less likely than any other guess.

Reviewed by: Fuck You
Date: 02/12/2001
Summary: Porsche and BMW ?????

First of all I have to say I personally didn't like the cars they drove, I mean being a movie called 'For Bad Boys Only' they should at least be driving a 'bad boy' type car, I mean Ekin driving a Porsche and Louis driving a BMW? what is this, a joke. Come on 'Producer' Manfred Wong and
'Director' Raymond Yip Wai-Man, if your going to let them drive around in a Porsche and BMW you should at least change the title of this film and called it 'For Posh Boys Only, and not 'For Bad Boys Only' I mean you could of have something more powerful that a Porsche and BMW, perhaps a Nissan GT-R Skyline,
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution,
Subaru Impreza WRX,
Honda NSX or even a Honda S2000. Porsche and BMW make them look like posh boys not bad boys.
But anyway, overall the movie was very good, but there are some bits that can be touched up, like what I just said, and also, the ending, they totally ripped off the computer effects straight from 'The Matrix', which they really didn't have to, but otherwise, it's a very entertaining movie.
The whole film was very funny. I liked the movie very much.

9/10 {10/10 if it had better cars}

Reviewed by: ICU
Date: 02/07/2001
Summary: 10/10

This was one of the film that was release just before chinese new year along with 'Gen-Y Cops', 'China Strike Force' and 'A Fighter's Blues', as I have only seen 'For Bad Boys Only' and 'A Fighter's Blues' I have to say that I liked 'For Bad Boys Only' more that Andy Lau's 'A Fighter's Blues'.
'For Bad Boys Only' is a great fun film to watch and very entertaining also quiet funny at times, don't get me wrong here, I think that 'A Fighter's Blues' is a excellent film and Andy Lau done a great convincing job as a Thai kickboxer, but it not as entertaining as 'For Bad Boys Only'. I am so looking forward to see 'Gen-Y Cops', 'China Strike Force'.

'For Bad Boys Only' 10/10
Very enteraining

Reviewed by: Paul Fox
Date: 12/25/2000
Summary: Storyline is the real Bad Boy.

To describe For Bad Boys Only in a single word, one might call it a 'fun' film. The look and editing of the movie are slick and hip. It has an upbeat soundtrack and the feel of a City Hunter comic brought to the big screen. The actors seem to be having a good time and the pace of the film remains constant. Eking Cheng and Louis Koo are fine as King and Jack, and Kristy Yeung is lovely as the lively Queen. Shu Qi is given the chance to play multiple roles in the film as Shadow, Eleven, and Kwan Chin. Sadly rather than allowing the actress to stretch her talents a bit, the filmmakers choose to simply dub in a different voice for Shadow to give the character some diversity. The cast of villains, which include scores of mask wearing cronies and their rather un-menacing Japanese leader, add to the comic book style of the film. Still all of these 'fun' elements are at times oppressed by a rather unbelievable storyline.

The main problem is the highly unlikely coincidence that occurs within the film. The film starts off well enough introducing King, Queen and Jack, the three private detectives of the Bad Boy detective agency. They are ultimately approached by a client (Daniel Chan) to find his missing love Shadow. While working on a separate case King encounters a girl in a nightclub that resembles Shadow. Then later a Taiwan business tycoon looking to contact his first love, an ex-Olympian named Kwan Chin, hires the detectives. These coincidental meetings become a bit too much to believe by this point. It's a shame because the business tycoon angle seems to only be there to serve as some lesson for Jack and Queen about lost love. It could have been left out of the story and the film would have worked better.

The special effects of the film come to life towards the end and one scene is very reminiscent of The Matrix. Although Eleven is supposedly only a clone, she exhibits powers far beyond simple cloning technology, so viewers will have to suspend their disbelief at several points in the film. But given the recent trend of storylines in Hong Kong cinema this should be easy enough.
Overall review rating :  2.5 out of 5

Review by Paul Fox
Location:  UA Shatin
Time: Thursday 21 December    5:50pm