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飛簷走壁 (1982)
Impossible Woman

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/20/2000
Summary: Action and Soap Opera !

This film could very well be the early model for Naked Killer. It's like a very similar story, but told in a different order. Even the Japanese connections are there.
There's a number of action set-pieces, which are pretty good, particularly the climactic fight, and the scenes where Mo Ling does her assassinations.
The English title is a little misleading. I think the meaning is more like "Wonder Woman".
I found the melodramatics a bit much. Apparently, this is the sort of drama which the male lead, Yun Zhong Yue, is used to playing.
But there's enough action for that not to be a great problem. The great Kurata-san really picks things up, once he gets going, which is fairly late in the pic. Action star Don Wong doesn't do a lot except look menacing, which is a puzzle.
Overall, not a bad actioner, although the ending, in which three of the four major characters die, is on the depressing side.

Reviewer Score: 6