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密室禁錮12小時 (1994)

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 07/23/2001
Summary: Below Average

Chan Pooi Kei is an actress I've always liked. So a film in which she plays the lead character should be at least worth a look, right ?

Well, you certainly see a lot of ChanPK here. And I don't mean that euphemistically. She does some full frontal, but a lot less than in many other films. She is onscreen for most of the pic, and this should give her a chance to show if she can really act. Well, there's no evidence of that. She manages two expressions - suffering and happiness, much more the former than the latter.

The story is a standard rape/revenge cheapie, this one with an impossibly optimistic ending. There's full nudity also from Helen and an uncredited gwailo blonde who plays Suzzy.

The sex scenes are dull and short and there's not nearly emough nudity. Only recommended if you're bored.

Reviewer Score: 3