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公海強姦風暴 (1993)
Rape in Public Sea

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/04/2004
Summary: Bad Vs Good Viet refugees

Bit of a mishmash. Starts on the open sea, moves to dockside in HK, then to a restaurant, diverts to a bedroom, then a gangfight, then a bedroom ..... More like a weird guided tour than a movie !

This film is correctly rated as Cat III. There are several long nude/sex scenes. At least half a dozen young women get all their gear off, so there is at least variety. The only nude scene really worth watching is the later one featuring perhaps the loveliest B-grade porn actress, Yip Sin Yi. All round, plenty of flesh and pussy, but not much quality.

Of course, there's a lot of fighting as well, but only the final scenes are anything above dull, and that's mainly due to a few fast moves by Jeff Falcon.

One memorable scene features Woo Fung's character playing sax in a nightclub. Asked to play something lively for Yuen Wan Tai's birthday, the band instead plays the funeral march, and Fung's character asks "Yuen, are you still alive ?".

Having Lam and Wu make some scenes watchable. Far from a great film, but not as awful as I thought it might be !

Reviewer Score: 4