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暴力刑警 (2000)
Violent Cop (1)

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 12/23/2009

There's a line spoken in Violent Cop by one of the great thespians of our time, Michael Wong: "How could such a religious man not achieve graduating?" No, that's not one of your typical badly-translated Hong Kong subtitles -- though this movie is indeed full of them. Having one of the most wooden actors to grace a modern Hong Kong screen utter those extremely poorly-written and obviously grammatically incorrect series of words that someone thought formed a type of a semblance of a sentence pretty much sums up how much quality this production has to offer the potential viewer.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/09/2002
Summary: Average!!

Now i am so sure that i wrote a review for this movie!!

WEll a average movie, but potentially it could have been so much better. If only they took more time to develop the script!!

Micheal Wong's acting is just SO bad here, especially at the beginning when he first meetings Anthony Wong.

I just feel bad about this movie. It could of been SO much better!!


Reviewed by: Fatty
Date: 05/29/2001
Summary: A boring film....

It's been awhile since I've seen this film, so I'll do my best with this so called review.

Micheal Wong plays Cuba Koo, a cop who is right now celebrating a b-day ( I think) while this is going on we learn about the "Cross Killer" who cuts up people's Weenies. A Shoot Out happens in the bar and Koo's pal Hau, gets a bullet in the head. Then some other stuff happens before the credits role...

I don't know why tho, but I could not understand this film. IMO it looked somewhat like SE7EN (Not much tho). But still I did not like this film that much. There was little action that tried to be like a John Woo shootout I guess, and some crime solving that bored the hell out of me. Sure, it's a boring film, but some parts stand out then others. I really liked the ending, when the baddie goes all whack and jumps off of the Police Headquarters building(Cool death too!) Then beginning when I thought the bar was a strip joint(You see a table dancer there, she was a cutie :) ) Plus the part where you see the baddie in the Theatre with his date, who decides to do some stuff with him to get paid (weird, since they met at a Cell Phone place)

I thought the acting was good, Micheal Wong is again, the cop. Anthony Wong (My hero) plays the good'ol pimp and does a good job with it. Wayne Lai ( I think) plays a good baddie and dies a great death...well, more like suicide I guess. The other people did a good job aswell.

Another thing I liked was the music, it was mostly goth stuff but it was ok. The ending theme was pretty cool (Not catchy tho, well sort of I guess)

In all, a mostly boring film, with some cool deaths I might add. The movie title ain't good (The baddie is somewhat a cop, just gives them coffee and donuts, that's about it.) Cross Killer would've been a better title, and that's about it...


This review is brought to you by Fatty

Reviewed by: OC_Gwailo
Date: 05/17/2001
Summary: Violent? Nah. Shaky? Scared? OK

I'll admit it--I bought this sight unseen because I thought it was the Kitano film. But for 8 bucks, I wasn't crying about it. The other reviewers covered the story pretty well, but I have to mention the criminal underuse of Moses Chan, who appears at the beginning of the film, gets shot in the head, and spends the rest of the movie in a coma--mostly off-screen. Kudos to Wayne Lai for playing a convincing psycho, and for actually putting himself out there as an actor--which is, sadly, more than I can say for the rest of the cast, who seem to just be going through the motions. (Well, okay, I can't fault Anthony Wong. In my book, he can do no wrong.)

This movie makes very little sense, so if you need a reason to see it, it's this: The police station scene in which (Fitz) Wong and Wong speak English to Fitz's British superior to confound Fitz's Cantonese-only boss. It's priceless, and man, that Anthony Wong is hilarious when he speaks English (not because it's bad, but because it's so good--see also "Fascination Amour" for an Anthony Wong language smorgasbord).

As bad as this movie is, there's still something appealing about it that I can't quite put my finger on. Could it be...Iris Chai Chi Yiu? Yup, could be.

Reviewed by: David Harris
Date: 04/18/2001

What am I doing reviewing a near 10 year old Takeshi Kitano film in a Hong Kong movie magazine? Well the answer is that I am not it's just that those who dish out the English titles to Hong Kong movies must have been particularly bored the day they named this one (either that or they had a liquid lunch and were more than just a little tipsy). Francis Ng isn't the only actor to star in more than one film in the Hong Kong Hitlist this issue - the other is Michael "Beast Cops" Wong (I never get tired of working in plugs for that particular favourite of mine) and this is the first of them.

Co-starring in this film is the one guy that is possibly busier than both Michael Wong and Francis Ng - the one and only Anthony Wong. Both are admirable talents in their own very different ways but in this movie they play exactly the kind of role we have come to expect of them and this is exactly the kind of film we expect to see them in although it is nowhere near as good as either or their best movies. Michael Wong plays his usual mildly distressed cop and Anthony Wong in not-approaching-anywhere-near a shock plays a kind of sleazy guy - I don't wish to sound like I'm really ripping on this movie in a major way but you've seen the both of them do this a million times.

You can probably guess the story already but I'll tell you anyway but not before also telling you that this lazily named film is also inappropriately named as well - Cuba Koo (Michael Wong) is not at all violent in comparison with 99% of other movie cops but I guess we're stuck with the title. Initially Messrs Wong and Wong are in conflict which is natural enough when one is a cop and the other basically a pimp but when the ladies of the evening become the targets of a killer they unite to fight the enemy - this odd situation (a cop and pimp combination) gives plenty of scope for odd couple humour and they do try it's just that precious little really works that well.

The writer of the script certainly appears to have watched a certain multi Oscar-winning film with a serial killer theme and for all I know may well have enjoyed liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti (some of the cribs are that blatant). I know this sounds like I really hate this film but it isn't quite as bad as I'm making it out to be and it's probably just a reaction to the below average batch of films I've been reviewing this issue. Some good films come and go very quickly in Hong Kong but this isn't one of them although it will come and go in record time if there is any justice in the world - both actors will make plenty of better films than this but they'll be hard pressed to many any that are worse than this.

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 04/03/2000
Summary: Better than expected... but still poor.

This must be the most inappropriately titled film in recent memory; Michael Wong's "Cuba Koo" is one of the least violent cops you're likely to see in a movie, injuring only one person throughout the course of the film. This low body-count can be attributed to the fact that Wong drops in and out of the storyline; in fact, the film's initial conflict, which is set up in the first ten or fifteen minutes, disappears until the closing scene. What replaces it is a routine serial killer story that borrows liberally from "Silence of the Lambs." Hopefully the writer will never work again.
With that said, let's move onto the film's one asset- the direction. Admittedly, it's not wholey successful; odd angles and gratuitous blur-motion don't necessarily make a good movie. Still, it's nice to see some minimal amount of effort put into a low-budget production again; most movies of this class are using basic point-and-shoot camerawork these days, and while the director is rather amateurish, he at least manages to hold the audience's attention through experimentation. Still, this isn't even close to enough to recommend this dud.