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網上怪談 (2000)

Reviewed by: Dyogenez
Date: 05/07/2002
Summary: Boring thriller

For a thriller movie, this goes incredibly too slow. It does not build up suspense to a high point, nor does it draw attention towards a central story. The story is very simple. The main group is goes to the website where it is said they can communicate with the dead. While doing so, the rest of the group (too many to remember their names) plans out a scheme to scare them into thinking they are actually communicating. It then turns serious as they are offed one by one. At first they think it's only a joke, but then more strange things start to happen. One highlight of the movie is a Big 2 (card game) scene where one guy gets a surpreme hand but then all the other players dissappear (they were ghosts). This barely kept my attention, and to be honest I had trouble sitting through the second hald of this VCD. 3/10.