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古惑仔激情篇洪興大飛哥 (1999)
The Legendary

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 06/24/2007
Summary: bandwagonesque...

a spin-off from the 'young and dangerous' series that focusses on the story of the character of tai fei (anthony wong) or, more accurately, on shin (alex lam). shin is a boy who is on the lowest rung of the ting sung triad ladder, but he has a cocky attitude and an ambitious boss, king (benny lai). shin and fei cross paths when shin and his friends start to make trouble at fei's sauna; after being taught a lesson by fei, shin vows to kill fei.

meanwhile, fei gets a call from an ex-girlfriend, who has cancer and is dying. she reveals that fei has a son who she never told him about; shin. as the pair struggle to accept the news, shin is drawn deeper into the king's dealings, whilst a double-cross brings fei closer to his son...

yep, it's pretty bad. this is a pretty poor film, which is only saved by the presence of anthony wong, even if this tai fei is completely different to the one that we first saw in 'young and dangerous 2' (especially as he was dai fei). this isn't enough to save the film from utter mediocrity and should, in no way, encourage you to watch this film with any illusions of it being half decent.

best left on the shelf...

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 04/19/2002
Summary: As Sydneyguy said...

Read Sydneyguy's review, I agree with most of what he said. Only the presence of Anthony Wong kept this film resonably interesting, other than him there is nothing worth watching. Another Y&D type mess.

Since when was 'Tai Fei' legendary?!

Rating: 1.5/5

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 03/06/2001
Summary: No good as a stand-alone or Y&D spinoff.

"Portland Street Blues" gave one of the Young and Dangerous series' most interesting characters a full-length treatment, resulting in a better and more thoughtful movie than the rest of the real series. "Those Were the Days" was an overwrought piece of junk, but it did at least attempt to flesh out Jordan Chan's second-banana character Chicken. This semi-approved addition to the franchise, however, is probably the worst of the Y&D spinoffs.

Anthony Wong's Dai Fei (the confusion in the review below is due to a different romanization, it's the same name)was an interesting and quirky character introduced in Young and Dangerous 2, who turned out to be much more than he appeared. I'm not a big fan of the series and don't know much about the series timeline and canon, but this movie is, if not necessarily a contradiction of the information already laid out about Dai Fei, at least a very poor attempt to give the character depth. In fact, there is nothing here about his background at all; it's his own present-day gangland adventure, and a limp little story it is. The story of Dai Fei's long-lost son by an old lover barely has a sincere or creative moment in it, and there isn't a single hint of action to make up for it. It all feels so familiar... "I was brought up in an orphanage..." "Bow to me three times and I'll let him go!" And my usual problem with the Y&D series- that it is too un-critical of it's "good" gangster heroes- looms even larger here. We know Hung Hing doesn't sell drugs... so what do they DO? Just run that nice, clean massage parlor?

Aside from the general lack of action, plot, or character development, there's other problems, like a gratuitous amount of footage of a very naked Samuel Leung, and the amusing/bewildering fact that the villain seems to be played by Ekin Cheng's evil twin. Other than a few self-made laughs at this aspect and the typical but still cool "here comes the gang" scenes, there's not a lot going on.

However, this movie isn't a major strike against the franchise as its status as part of the series is debatable. It is release by Wong Jing's Workshop, and Lee Siu-Kei and another Y&D regular do make token appearances towards the end to lend it some legitimacy, but other than that virtually no attempt seems to have been made to fit this logically into the Y&D universe. Even die-hard fans can rest assured they will miss little in skipping this mediocre effort.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 07/10/2000
Summary: Is this a tv movie?

What a good boy i am and to watch this movie and review since no one else has!! I borrowed this movie thinking, is this the same character from "Young and Dangerous??" Well it isn't since Y&D is actually "Dai Fai",OPPS for me!! But i swear i hear them say Dai Fai though......

Anyway Tai Fei (Anthony Wong)is a triad boss in the Hung Hing (or is it Hing Hung??)group and finds out that he has a son!! The dying woman's (ex girlfriend) wish is to look after him but the boy is a member of another triad group and doesn't like his father at all!! There is trouble because of this and it becomes worst when the son and his friends lose a whole lot of drugs!!

Sounds ok the movie but it realy sucks!! A ok idea for a plot but please work on that script!! The movie is obviously low budget too!!

Anthony Wong is good in this and him playing a more realistic/humanisitic character suits him!! His character isn't this crazy one man killer but a good man who tries to get to know his son better, and sometimes his temper gets the better of him!! This is the only good thing about the movie!!

This very low violent movie which is more like a drama will not please anyone unless they want a movie about a strain relationship between a boy and the father he never knew.....until now!!

Only because of Anthony Wong's character, this gets