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Ag?Cg? (1999)
Mr. A? Mr. C?

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Mr. A? Mr. C? (1999)

Since B&S Distribution released their Digital Video productions in New Imperial theatres, they have received lots of comments on the nature and the contents of these DV movies. Though the path for the development of DV movies are hard, it is glad that this week they are having their the tenth DV production -- 'Mr. A? Mr. C' with familiar castings like LAM Nga-sze, LAM Wai-kin and Helena LAW Han.

Whenever you talk about 'Mr. A? Mr. C', you will probably talking about the love between three parties. That's also the main plot of 'Mr. A? Mr. C'. Ice (LAM Nga-sze) has very steady relationship with her boyfriend Chi-ming (LAM Wai-kin). Being tired such life style, she suddenly takes a rest in Macau and she met Ray (MAN Ka-wing), a guy who owns a bar. During Ice's stay in Macau, they've built up their relationship very soon by having sex. When Ice goes back to Hong Kong, she cannot forget Ray. However, things changed once she can't contact Ray even though she tries to search Ray in Macau. Ice subsequently decided to merry Chi-ming ......

Love stories is one of the main genres for most Cinemas. 'Mr. A? Mr. C' tries to use a relationship between one girl and two boys to make it looks a bit different as most of the time the cases are vice versa. In terms of the stories, director and scriptwriter LEE Bing-kwong has done by telling the story in a fluent way. The pieces were picked up correctly. Though the movie itself is a bit old-fashioned, the whole story is okay.

For the pieces of scenes about the love between Ice, Ray and Chi-ming, it would be more interesting if there are more interesting stuffs to make the whole situation more funny. For example, for the love between Ice and Ray, it can be more crazy. LEE has got part of the idea by putting up the issue about restaurant but they just put up the start and the ending of the sceens. The whole movie will be more funny if they put up stuffs talking about what actually happened in the restaurant.

The plot mainly focuses on the love between Ray and Ice. For the part between Chi-ming and Ice, due to the nature of the love, it is a bit pale. There are some ways for the movie to fill in the disability of the love. Talking about the efforts Chi-ming has put in tracing Ice in Macau is one of the good topics.

In terms of acting, LAM Nga-sze has done her job well. Her roles look like tailor-made. Her roles ia a girl who looks for something exciting. For the role of LAM Wai-kin, I'm afraid it is not very convincing. Probably his image from 'The Chinese Tortune Chamber Story 2' is hard for audience to forget them. Relatively, MAN Ka-wing has done okay. His performance can be better if there are more scenes for him to act and there are more playful stuffs between Ice and Ray.

'Mr. A? Mr. C' is a love story between two boys and a girl. The story is smooth. It can be better if the plot can be more playful. The peroformance of LAM Nga-sze is good. Out of B&S DV productions, 'Mr. A? Mr. C' is a quality DV production.