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怪異集之你回來吧! (1999)
Mysterious Story I: Please Come Back

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Mysterious Story I: Please Come Back (1999)

After the opening circuit movie 'Our Last Day', this week what's up at B&S Productions is WONG Yat-ping's 'Mysterious Story I: Please Come Back'. When you look at the cast Allen TING Chi-chun, Elvis TSUI Kam-kong and Amy LAM Yi-tung, probably you note these are the names appeared in previous B&S Productions. The script writer this time is Kenneth LAU Hau-wai, who has been famous in writing 'Troublesome Night' series.

Judging from the movie title, you can probably guess that this is a movie about supernatural. Column writer LEE Man-fong (Allen TING) has dated his girl Daisy for 4 years abut still prefer to have some unknown girls in the nightclub for one night stand. Before the death of Daisy's Dad, Man-fong promised him that he will marry Daisy. However, he tried to delay the engagement by stating that it's unlucky to get married. They subsequently broke up and Man-fong moved to his ex-gril Sum-yi's penthouse. Then strange things happened as he found everything is horrible during night time, including an unknown girl standing in the middle of the playground. While Sum-yi was on trip, Sum-yi's cousin and his ex-boyfriend Jerry (Kenneth LAU) came back. Everything becomes more and more strange, even more mysterious than a novel......

In terms of the script, Kenneth LAU, who has been familiar in writing these mysterious stories in 'Troublesome Night' series, has written a very smooth story. The central line is clear on Man-fong. The first part of the story puts Daisy for the climate setting while the whole story turns into the Dark with times go on. The whole script is very fluent and natural.

For the direction, WONG Yat-ping has done two movies before as directors, namely 'The Meaning of Life' (1995) and 'Tales in the Wind' (1998). It seems that his style is a bit slow for the progress of the story. This time I think the pace of the story is a bit slow. I think the movie can be more entertaining if the plot can go faster as they prefer the horrors to go fast.

In terms of performance, I consider Allen TING Chi-chun has done a good job in te movie. For Kenneth LAU Hau-wai, who is cast in the movie as Sum-yi's cousin Jerry, his performance is also good. Sometimes people said that script writers are not good in acting. This is definitely not the case as we have Vincent KOT Tak-chiu and now Kenneth LAU.

One of the problem of the movie seems to be the cinematography. It seems that they still cannot manage the darkness of the DV movie well and sometimes the movie is too dark while sometimes the movie is too bright. This maybe the first thing they have to handle when filming in digital video recorder.

On the whole, 'Mysterious Story I: Please Come Back' has got a good script while the director style seems a bit slow. The performance of actors are okay while the cinematography still need improvement. It's still a movie that can be considered as it's not too bad.