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鬼咁過癮 (1999)
There's a Ghost in the Boy's Room

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: There's a Ghost in the Boy's Room (1999)

Last week we have more than 5 movies opening. In addition to the blockbuster 'A Man Called Hero', we still have weekly change from B&S Productions. This week they show 'There's a Ghost in the Boy's Room', which casts with LAI Yiu-cheung and AU Chi-yan, who seem to be the basic casting of B&S movies.

The story of 'There's a Ghost in the Boy's Room' starts with some 'ghosts' in the school who killed a Indian guard. Inspector WONG (LAI Yiu-cheung) is the one who investigates the case. In that school, Mr. CHU (Edward MOK Ka-yiu)'s class is one of the worst class of the school while students offend almost all the mis-conducts. One day, a student once again submit his fake sick leave certificate and then he was found dead while the doctor he went also died by a toilet pump. Strange things happened, another naughty boy who always seized others' stuffs died, then a boy died while he stole examination papers. All these students are in CHU's class. The CHU finally finds the connections for their death ......

Frankly speaking, Philip KWOK, who is the director and the scriptwriter of the movie, has done a very poor job. Some of the scenes looks like to make the whole movie longer though now it is still less than 80 minutes. I cannot understand why the death of the Indian guard can take several minutes. As a horror movies, I cannot see they have put much efforts in the case.

For the investigation of CHU, it looks very close to Hollywood movie 'Se7en' a few years ago while the murders were related to the sins of human beings. Unfortunately, the connection this time is too weak to convince audience while we cannot see why these 'ghosts' have good reason to kill the students.

Another thing I cannot understand is the introduction of the new school guard LU Kung. From time to time, what we can see her in front of the screen is that she is swimming in the swimming pool. What is strange is that you can also see her swimming during night time. I wonder if this is only a kind of show off.

The character of the Principal of the school is very annoying. He seems to be too confident that he though his acting is funny, but the fact is vice versa. For LAI Yiu-cheung, I think he does not have much role can be played in the movie. I think the crew has not realised that LAI wears the same shirt and jeans over the whole movie. I wonder if they are so poor that LAI has to wear the same stuff at every scene.

In short, the plot of 'There's a Ghost in the Boy's Room' is pointless. It tried to duplicate 'Se7en' by putting the school laws as the Bible but failed to convince audience. The design of most castings are weird and ridicious. Together with the poor acting of the principal in the movie and the negligence of production for LAI Yiu-cheung wearing the same clothings over the movie, 'There's a Ghost in the Boy's Room' is definitely one of the compatitive candidate for the worst Hong Kong movie of this year.