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蕩女痴男 (1999)
Wonton Love

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Wonton Love (1999)

While summer movies are showing, suddenly we found 'Wonton Love' poster at Astor Classic Theatres which is now showing. Judging from theatres, it looks like the theatres from BIG-Mandarin Circuit. The casting of the movie is also interesting as you can find WONG Har-wai here are her horrible 'Whenever Will Be, Will Be' (1997).

'Wonton Love' started with a composer David LEE (NG Ngai-cheung) who used to be in love with Gatty. With the broken up, he tried to find a place to stay and finally hooked up with a liar LIANG Lie-liang (Elvis TSUI Kam-kong) and live in his place. However, his stay has not got the permission for LIANG's divorced wife Jane LIN. This started the misunderstanding between David and Jane. During the days of getting together and Jane's son Toto, their relationship is soften. At the same time, David resumed his relationship with Gatty again. However, this resume is not welcome by Gatty's elder sister. On the other side, LAING has been in debt from triad head Shing (CHAN Wai-man) and they approached to Jane's home......

Frankly speaking, I'm a bit surprised by the movie. What I found is that the start of the movie is the making love scene between NG Ngai-cheung and an unknown girl for several minutes. I wonder if I was watching a porn. The overall plot of 'Wonton Love' is quit typical. However, it seems that the scenes and the flow is ridicious. For example, when Toto was reluctant to eat his breakfast, David tried a method by having a competition with Toto while the price is to drink a glass of milk. I consider they can make it in a more sensible like buying Toto a toy. It looks so ridicious.

Another ridicious plot happened when Brother Shing (CHAN Wai-man) asked his members to sell watches for money. However, the watches were fake and they can put up the dialogue that using the large amount for more money. I think if they consider audience dummy.

However, if you are looking for love scenes, I think you will not be disappointed as there are several love scenes -- two for NG Ngai-cheung and two for Elvis TSUI Kam-kong. However, these scenes are not funny and interesting while the skills are just the typical one.

One thing that you may note is that WONG Har-wai casts in the movie. Her role is the resident who lives adjacent to Jane's apartment and most of the time her acting is with the Watchman KWAN Hoi-shan.

Another thing you may note is that the movie is in dubbed voice. It's very strange that they can't get the original voice. The effect they expected has been discounted......

In short, 'Wonton Love' seems to be a Category III Porn with love scenes from Elvis TSUI Kam-kong and NG Ngai-cheung. Unless you're interested in their love scenes, I cannot find any reason for you to watch.