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電腦危情 (1999)
Internet Mirage

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Internet Mirage (1999)

The internet has become part of our daily lives. At the very least, you visit this website and read this review by using Internet service. Now WINNERS production company has tried to make use of the popularity of the Internet by including it in the title for their latest film, 'Internet Mirage.' KO Fei is the director and CHO Cha-ley is the leading actor.

Though 'Internet Mirage' sounds like a movie related to the Internet, it is just a mirage - since you cannot find any dialogue or even setting dealing with the internet in the movie. The movie starts with WONG Kwok-leung, a billionaire who is bored with his wife KWAN Lai-ping. What you can expect is that he fools around with a girl outside of his marriage.

He meets an advertisment star, Mina, and he wants to make love with her. A manufacturer contacts WONG to set up a partnership with their product -- sex contact sunglasses -- glasses that enable you to get into a virtual life where you can feel like making love with girls and see naked bodies! In addition, you can control the girls as you want. However, the high cost for development has made WONG so annoyed that WONG sends a killer to kill the manufacturer. Finally, Yu-fung is assigned for the job. However, he doesn't know the complex background of Yu-fung. He is not only a good friend of the manufacturer, but also the ex-boyfriend of WONG's wife ......

Just like their previous production, 'Viagra Madness', the movie title 'Internet Mirage' is misleading. In the movie, what you can see is just something dealing with high technology, while the whole movie has nothing related to the Internet. At the very least they could have given it a more appropriate name rather than 'Internet Mirage'.

Like KO Fei's previous directions, the plot and the editing are weird. For the editing, there is an improvement by not having drastic cutting between love scenes and non-love scenes. However, it is still far from satisfactory.

The plot has no focus. The movie wants to put in lots of stuff but lacks any development or elaborations. When talking about the love between KWAN Lai-ping and Yu-fung, it failed to convince the audience for reasons for their getting back together. The issue of Sex Contact Sunglasses also suffered from a lack of elaboration and special effects! The movie can be much more interesting if we can see what CHO sees when he wears the glasses when walking around.

When talking about the conspiracy of Mina, the plot makes too many assumptions. It is very difficult for the audience to follow the story.

Another problem of the movie is casting. Except CHO Cha-ley, the other actors and actresses are not suitable for their roles. KWAN Lai-ping is so ugly that it is hard to imagine how Yu-fung would fall for her again. Mina is not erotic enough to satisfy both the leading actor and the audience. If they can afford for more suitable actors and actresses, it would be much more enjoyable and believable.

'Internet Mirage' is not a movie related to the Internet. It is only a movie with a severe lack of focus. The plot is disjointed and without elaborations. If you really want to waste your time on this movie, you'd be better off not to bring your brian with you, if it was on TV, you'd switch it off in 5 minutes.

WINNERS production company should put much more effort into every aspect of their films, or their movies will continue to be losers!