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k (1999)
Woman Soup

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Woman Soup (1999)

At the end of June, there are lots of movies opening, including some Tawianese and PRC movies. 'Woman Soup' is a movie from Taiwan. Maybe we have no idea about the director LAU Yee-ming but I think at least you heart about the casting KAM So-mui and LIN Hoi. The cinemas showing 'Woman Soup' is a bit weird which may affect its attraction.

Judging from the movie title 'Woman Soup', definitely what you can expect is the story about the ladies. The background of the story happens in Taiwan. Four ladies in Taiwan who has their own problems in love. A 40-year-old lecturer who has been very successful in academic but she has not got her first love yet. A lady who falls in love with a man who has married with a warm family. She wants to wait for the man's come back. The third lady, on the other hand, has got a family with children but their marriage was broken up because the husband finally found that he is a gay. The last lady always look for boys but in vein as she set up a very high standard. With their frustrations and depressions in love, finally they grouped together as 'Woman Soup' to help each other.

In terms of the plot, I consider the design of the characters is a bit interesting. They put up the two ladies about the involvement of third party in marriage in two contradictory position. This is a good design. However, I think they have not made good use of this tension to make the movie more fruitful. Their contradictions are a bit pale. I consider if they focus on this interface, maybe it can bring out more messages.

I consider out of the four ladies, the lecturer has got more development in characters. One of the explanations is that her character is born to be outstnding due to the age differences with the remaining three. In addition, she seems to lead the most of the movie.

In terms of performance of actresses, I consider they have done what is expected for the movie. Alternatively, what I would like to focus is the actors. It seems that the design of the actors are a bit too typical. I consider there maybe a good idea if they can avoid some of the typical scenes like getting the man in the bath site.

In short, I consider 'Woman Soup' tried to make use of the four ladies in Taipei to talk about their love. However, it seems that the plot has not made good use of the desing of the characters to make the drama more impressive. Anyway, it is still a good trial.