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四級殺人狂二男瘋 (1999)

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Crazy (1999)

Ideal seems to be active in film distribution. Up to now, we know that they are going to distribute 3 movies in 2 months' time. After their first distribution 'Undercover Girls' in May, they release the second movie 'Crazy' today with Joe HAU Wing-choy's direction.

From the Chinese titles 'Crazy' is the second series of 'Passion Unhaunted' (1995). The main story of 'Crazy' is about Gay and Murder. Ka-fai (LAM Wai) is a taxi driver in Taiwan who has a very pale relationship with Petty (CHAN Yee-ming) and they finally break up. Once upon a time, he takes a customer Michelle and then Michelle asked Ka-fai to take him as the driver for his whole trip in Taiwan. With times go on, Ka-fai found that he falls in love with Michelle. However, he also found out that Mike is also a murder who kills guys in a very horrible way. Then the love turns into a horror ......

In view of the story, it seems that Joe HAU could not get enough stuffs to fill in the movie. Even though the movie is already only 83 minutes. It seems still too long that they have to put up some meaningless scenes to fill in the stuffs like taking photos in a taxi with no intention.

Originally the whole story can be a good topic as it talks about murder and love and it seems that HAU tried to present it in a way that from love to murder and how it becomes. However, the topic has taken in a way that with too much dirt which tolerates their original spirit.

In terms of the taking, the choosing of scenes for 'Crazy' is also a bit strange. Probably I think there are not enough context to talk about the relationship between Petty and Ka-fai. This is quite necessary or it is hard to explain why Petty would like to help Ka-fai to call Mike. Though the ending of the movie tried to put this issue up, it seems to be a bit late.

Another thing I think the movie can do to make it more entertaining is to set the climate for the latter part of the movie. It seems that the later part is to see how the murder taken, it would be better to set up the climate which audience to scare. This is not only to make the movie with more tension.

For the performance of actors and actresses in the movie, I consider most of them has done what is expected. It is not too good but it is not too bad.

In short, 'Crazy' tried to talk about the love and murder between gays. However, due to its excessive length, the movie seems to be quite boring as audience has to tolorate for the low pace. I hope next time Joe HAU can make a movie with better approach for audience or audience will be away from his name.