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玉蒲團之極樂寶鑑 (1999)
The Karma of Sex

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Karma of Sex, The (1999)

Up to now, Winners' Productions have done their DV productions for 4 months. However, all of their previous productions are non-historical movies. Now, there is going to be a slight change with the release of 'The Karma of Sex.' The cast for this movie is a big surprise, too, with ex-Miss Asia contestant, 47-year-old, KUNG Suet-fa and, side character, Bobby YIP King-sang.

'The Karma of Sex' is based on famous, erotic Chinese literature. MI Yeung-sang (POON Chun-wai) is a young man who has done poorly in the public exams, several times over. In fact, he is always looking to make bed down with girls. Together with a well-know rapist, CHOI Kwan-lun, they try to rape as many girls as possible. One day, Yeung-sang finds a girl for marriage, but she has no interest in sex. Kwan-lun gives Yeung-sang some helpful hints for the girl in the art of eroticism. It works! One day, a new challenge arises. A Japanese girl, in a porn house, has set up an erotic maze, which no one can get out of completely. Yeung-sang decides to give it a try....

For those who are planning to go to this movie, I am sure that you're not looking for an artsy movie like 'Viva Erotica.' But, in fact, the movie is quite funny. There are tons of dirty Cantonese gags throughout the movie. Penises and virgins are all over place. It's dirty, but interesting.

One of the pleasant surprises is how a middle-aged, ex-Miss Asia contestant handles being 'raped' by POON Chun-wai. Even though you don't see her naked, the scene is still surprising.

Unfortunately, the movie is not very erotic. The sex in the movie isn't enough to satisfy the needs of this viewer, even when they include many love scenes. They had good set ups to the love scenes, but the scenes were not long enough.

The ending of the movie is the greatest disappointment. It seems as if the movie was incomplete. The audience was still expecting a love scene between POON Chun-wai and the Japanese girl. This was the movie's greatest selling point, but you don't get anything like it in the film.

In short, 'Karma of Sex' is an interesting movie. The gags in the movie are very funny, even though a bit dirty. You get some surprising performances from the actors. However, the sudden ending of the movie led to a total disappointment, especially when feeling cheated after leaving the cinema.